Stone Island have placed themselves at the forefront of menswear for the decade. It is difficult nowadays to live in a big city and not pass the unmistakable Compass patch on the side of the right sleeve, signaling the new era of men´s fashion.

Stone Island t-shirts and Stone Island polo shirts

If there were three words to describe Stone Island t-shirts and Stone Island polo shirts, they would be: color, quality and durability. They are a symbol of the times. Men now demand the same display of creativity and style that was traditionally reserved to women.

Stone Island t-shirts and Stone Island polo shirts have answered this request, presenting simplicity and color with an identifiable tag in the form of their Compass logo. This patch is removable, but it is hard to believe anyone would want to remove such a recognizable, iconic symbol.

The favorite among football stars

The brand is a star amongst football players, and thus football fans. The sporty vibe of the clothes makes them ideal for those with a more dynamic, sporty approach to life.

How to don a good Stone Island t-shirt or a Stone Island polo shirt

Stone Island t-shirts and Stone Island polo shirts are best in a simple outfit, and warmer days favor the display of the sleeve with the Compass tag. The colors are quite varied for a classic menswear piece: corals, greens, khakis, blues… The options are endless, and the ever growing list of followers of the brand is also constantly increasing.

Jeans, like Jacob Cohen’s or Stone Island’s pants themselves fit perfectly, and will put on a polished monochrome fit when pursued. The newer options don’t discard the brand’s core style, which is a comfortable, elevated revision of the masculine classics. 


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