Parker t-shirt

350 €


Harriston t-shirt

390 €

Jil Sander

Crew-neck t-shirt

120 €

Stone Island

Logo T-shirt

135 €

Maison Margiela

Four-stitch logo T-shirt

230 €

Saint Laurent

Striped monogram t-shirt

390 €


Crush T-shirt

216 € 360 €


Tie-dye T-Shirt

174 € 290 €


Logo tie-dye T-shirt

87 € 145 €


Good t-shirts are the cornerstone of a good selection of wardrobe staples. Conceived originally as underwear, the men’s t-shirt has steadily climbed to the graphic and plan models of today. Nowadays, many t-shirts for men stand very well on their own,without the need to be covered by other pieces. T-shirts are, as well, great carriers of catchphrases, slogans and logos by our favorite brands; pictures of our favorite bands and are even easily customizable items.

Designer brands t-shirts at Ottodisanpietro are among the best in the world, with bets so different in product and taste and budget. From the exclusive quality of Prada t-shirts, Loewe t-shirts, and Givenchy t-shirts to more graphic designs and products targeted to the youth, like Aries t-shirts. The spectrum of options in store is magnificent, with classic infallible models and new proposals by the best designers on the planet.

It’s important for us to bring up new labels each season, giving voice to the imagery of other creators still unknown to the common shopper.

Designer white t-shirts for men

The men’s white t-shirt has risen to the status of trend. The influence of casual fashion has brought basic t-shirts to the front row of desirable objects. Given their versatility and simplicity, it is perfectly understandable as to why.

Versatile and simple, a basic white shirt can be the centerpiece of a look, highlighting the presence of other elements worn by underlining or contrasting with them. White t-shirt brands have experimented with all possible angles to create the perfect white t-shirt. It’s so, in fact, how The Row began their path. The Olsen twins and many other geniuses of fashion design have asked themselves how to break down the pattern and silhouette of basic white shirts to make them an essential luxury item.

A it’s indeed essential that our t-shirts come in the very best quality. At the end of the day, they are one of our most used pieces and generally taken as disposable, going against any principle of sustainability. T-shirts, in fact, are a wise acquisition, being used both in winter or summer with more or less spam.

How to style men’s designer shirts

As we spoke above, men’s t-shirts are nowadays a central piece for fresh looks. When temperatures begin to rise, basic t-shirts are ideal to combine with more showy pieces, like pants with interesting textures or visually striking neckerchiefs.

The best feature of basic men’s t-shirts is their endless possibilities of styling. The options are infinite. Models of Givenchy t-shirts, Loewe t-shirts, Etro t-shirts, Jil Sander t-shirts and Stone Island t-shirts bring the exclusive comfort known in daily luxury pieces.