Aries T-shirts have risen to the top of the international streetwear fashion sector. Fun, irreverent, graphic, daring; Aries’ T-Shirts have become synonymous with perennial quality driven by a desire to fit the more relaxed, informal styles.

The story of Aries T-Shirts

Inspired by the more slow paced early 90s years in the fashion industry, Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell founded Aries to produce high quality streetwear with nostalgic references to the time skaters dominated the streets and the style most popular amongst the younger consumers. In 2014, after a vast record of experiences in fashion, they set out to found their own brand combining her eye for a successful choice with his talent with graphic prints.

What are Aries T-Shirts made of?

The cotton used in most Aries T-Shirts, largely made in Italy, is of the utmost importance when delivering Aries T-shirts in luxurious quality. Their selection of T-Shirts is constantly revised, always reimagining how the Aries t-Shirts can be most comfortable, unique and of pristine quality.

Aries T-Shirts: modern, urban culture

On their use, there are few pieces more or as versatile. Them being T-shirts, they certainly may work as undergarments for the colder months and to serve as an extra layer reducing friction with other thicker garments. This was the way T-Shirts were originally conceived. However, Aries T-shirts are worth showing off. Modern times have pushed for a broader variety of options in vibrant prints, colors, fabrics and textures favoring the apparition of more showy, statement T-Shirts. Aries T-Shirts stand by this design style, focusing on pieces that sustain themselves as strong wardrobe options, often not needing much more to style them with.

Their urban, graphic design aesthetic, which does not rule out the production of fine plain T-Shirts for more simple choices, is attuned to streetwear culture and the demands of today’s youth. Their Aries T-Shirts have taken the world by storm, and they’re here to stay. 

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