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Golden Goose Men's T-Shirts

Golden logo T-shirtGolden logo T-shirtGolden logo T-shirtGolden logo T-shirtGolden logo T-shirtGolden logo T-shirt
Sale price105 € Regular price150 €

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Golden Goose T-shirts men’s have brought their craftsmanship to an essential item such as their Golden Goose T-Shirt women’s. The brand intention is to bring their craftsmanship and artisanship’s know how to the modern, evolving times. The results are luxurious exclusive selections of high quality pieces made in Veneto, Italy. 

Most, if not all, Golden Goose men's t-shirts feature special details of the house, including hand embroidered details, themed graphic prints and revisions of the logo to keep their designs modern, current and in line with the times. The new revisions of the logo include variations of their famous star, now synonymous with their renowned footwear. 

Wearing a Golden Goose T-Shirt for men

Wearing a Golden goose T-Shirt for men means taking a stand for the savoir faire and craftsmanship of the Venetian brand. Their variety of items is ever growing. And we at OTTODISANPIETRO aim at continuing to incorporate more and more of their absolute best products. 

As the options by the brand expand, they never fail to incorporate their unique brand identity, their storytelling, and products well in line with the success of their shoes. 

Golden Goose T-Shirts men’s can be worn in all and every way, but they are most deserving as a centerpiece of our daily outfits. The designs speak for themselves, and the constant renovation of codes without losing their unique identity makes for the perfect companion to our day to day life. 

Many of their designs are inspired in the culture of graffiti, meaning they’re centered around an urban community uniting places as distant as the narrow streets of Venice (Italy) and the broad boulevards of Los Angeles (California). Their aesthetic has clear influences of the decay of modern cities, the dust and the dirt in the shoes brings us to somber, mysterious alley-ways and dead-end paths along the serpentine streets of the Italian capital of romance. It is one of the streetwear brands that’s most attached to a rich history, and at OTTODISANPIETRO their products (including their Golden Goose men’s T-Shirts) have been a success since day one.