Golden Goose jumpers


Golden Goose sweaters and Golden Goose jumpers carry forward the brand in a new direction away from their niche product (their iconic sneakers). Golden Goose is known for a luxurious approach to ready to wear with a youthful aesthetic, and the underground culture of Veneto continues to permeate into modern culture through the production of pieces such as the Golden Goose jumper.

Golden Goose jumper, Golden Goose cardigans and Golden Goose sweaters elevate looks with understated pieces that quietly whisper ‘luxury’ in the case of plain designs, and that beautifully grab people’s attention as we walk them by in more trendy features. 

Golden Goose sweater and Golden Goose jumpers at Ottodisanpietro

In store, our collections of Golden Goose never miss the point of versatility, premium quality and customer satisfaction.

Distressed effects, like ones that made their sneakers popular, find their way to their ready to wear creations in the form of ripped sleeves, torn hems and other creative ways of giving an item of utmost quality a vintage look.

Crew necks, long sleeves, relaxed fits… Golden Goose sweaters and Golden Goose jumpers always find their way of producing premium collections from the most iconic wardrobe staples.

Cottons, virgin wools and cashmere always further elevate the quality of these Golden Goose sweaters, and the creativity in their design defines the exclusivity of the pieces as well as a curation of the most essential of closet items for men. 

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