Golden Goose men's clothing


The skater, graffiti culture in Veneto, Italy, has found its way to luxury fashion through the appearance of Golden Goose menswear and Golden Goose clothing. The brand, known for its fantastic footwear with the iconic vintage effect, produces menswear at a quality unequivocally luxurious.

Golden Goose menswear brings forth the underground culture of the meandering streets of Venice. The historic glory and universal appeal produces collections in line with the label’s premium philosophy. 

Golden Goose clothing and Golden Goose menswear at Ottodisanpietro

If we’ve learned something in our over 30 years in the business is that our clients come first. That is why our collection of Golden Goose items is an ideal balance between timeless and youthful appeal, a combination very much present in all of Golden Goose menswear collections.

From jazzy, colorful shirts to impeccable jeans and otherworldly staple outerwear and sweaters Golden Goose, the house firmly defends that a jovial look does not belong to a sole and single generation.

Uniqueness is in the DNA of the brand, and further development of the label has managed to create the perfect symbol of Italian luxury channeled through a relaxed approach to clothing.

At Ottodisanpietro, Golden Goose menswear launches vibrant and ideal items with every collection, and we manage to show you many of what will become the future of trends in fashion.

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