Golden Goose

Mid-waist straight jeans

175 € 250 €


How can an already luxurious item be made even more exclusive? Well, it can be made by Golden Goose. Golden Goose jeans are premium, relaxed, timeless and a smart purchase all year round.

Golden Goose jeans and Golden Goose denim

At Ottodisanpietro, among our collections of jeans, we have the most exclusive items. Thus, Golden Goose jeans could not be missing from our store. The superior quality of their cotton and the Italian savoir faire of elevates this modern staple to the category of luxury fashion, and the supreme taste of our customers could not be starved from the incredible quality of Golden Goose jeans.

Elements of luxury jeans: all included in Golden Goose jeans

Zip and button closures, relaxed fits, otherworldly comfort, perfect cuts and silhouettes, supreme cotton, pristine washes, low rise, high rise, hidden pockets, distressed hems, folded hems… Golden Goose jeans do it all, and we like to choose the most functional whilst stylish of their collections.

Wearing a pair of Golden Goose denim jeans or plain Golden Goose jeans

The beauty of jeans is that they can be worn with everything and anything. From all occasions, both formal and informal, to the streets, to work, to a music festival, to a simple walk, to running errands… Jeans can be worn with anything, and with the superior quality of golden goose jeans, we must make good use of them.

Feel free to wear your gorgeous Golden Goose jeans with any type of clothing, in any climate and with any footwear you deserve, as Golden goose has managed to turn this contemporary omnipresent and multifunction essential into a true piece of luxury that will stand the test of time and trends.