Prada Women's T-shirts


Prada women’s t-shirts have become a simple and easy way of carrying the legacy of a brand with over a century of history. Prada’s own, unique imagery is one of the iconic referents most rooted in fashion collective mind. Their clothing and logos have become also a symbol identifying us, those who love fashion. 

The concept of T-shirt has undergone many transformative stages to become the essential that it is today. Its origin as an undergarment has placed an emphasis on its softness and comfort, serving as an intermediate piece to protect our skin from the friction of other fabrics. They new capacity of Prada t-shirts is the exploration of a universal staple. This exploration takes the form of both muted, plain models, as well as designs that are unmistakably Prada. 

Prada t-shirts women at OTTODISANPIETRO

Logos, navy stripes and other unmistakable symbols from the Italian fashion giant that is Prada, they have all found their ways of being present in their t-shirts. The softness of the cotton and the simple, polished patterns provide them with timelessness. 

The concept of sophistication is essential to everything passing through OTTODISANPIETRO. The refinement and the exquisiteness of a piece is what makes luxury fashion. Luxury fashion isn’t a product, it is an experience, a legacy and history. The exquisite construction of a piece in itself,  and the legacy and tradition that it stands for in a brand are the intangible components of its sophistication. On the other hand, the final visible product has its elegance reflected in its harmonic appearance. 

Prada t-shirts are a symbol of our search for the best of the industry. As one of our oldest labels, both in their history and in our stores, Prada is one of the key pillars of the aesthetic and  philosophy of OTTODISANPIETRO. 

In our stores for women and men, you will find selections of pieces both plain as well as printed. These designs, more complex in appearance, explore both the visual codes of each new season, as well as elements representative of the house of Prada.


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