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Prada Women's sandals

Logo-plaque padded leather slidesLogo-plaque padded leather slidesLogo-plaque padded leather slidesLogo-plaque padded leather slidesLogo-plaque padded leather slides
Crochet sandalsCrochet sandalsCrochet sandalsCrochet sandals
Sale price920 €
Triangle-logo flat sandalsTriangle-logo flat sandalsTriangle-logo flat sandalsTriangle-logo flat sandals
Touch-strap sandalsTouch-strap sandalsTouch-strap sandalsTouch-strap sandals
Sale price990 €
Embroidered slidesEmbroidered slidesEmbroidered slidesEmbroidered slidesEmbroidered slidesEmbroidered slides
Sale price720 €
Logo plaque sandalsLogo plaque sandalsLogo plaque sandalsLogo plaque sandals
Sale price1.000 €

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Prada women’s sandals are essential accessories for the modern woman. Some even go on to become the top hit of the season. As one of the most recognizable pieces of the house, Prada sandals are a great deal of each collection. 

Sandals are the oldest kind of footwear recorded to date. In its origin, they were rudimentary pieces that were merely practical in use. They protected the feet from damage and injuries by using a piece of wood (sometimes, sandalwood, hence the name) that was attached to the feet through vegetable strings such as dried plants. With the advance of technologies and materials, sandals have grown to become traditionally leatherwork pieces. Prada sandals are models that explore modernised versions of this historical footwear. 

Prada sandals for women at OTTODISANPIETRO

The Prada women’s sandals are an intersection between design and technology. Among heeled versions and flat options, the pairs of sandals by the Italian giant seek a constant renovation and adaptation to the extraordinary aesthetic of Prada. 

A great deal of their sandals are the identifying symbols to the house. The visual language, inherent to the house, takes the form of logo plaques and embroidered logos that are imbued into the cultural phenomenon that is Prada. 

Among the models available in store, you may find styles such as completely flat models, high heel Prada sandals and the classic Prada kitten heels. The low heel shoe is an important part of the Prada heritage, and a quintessential element to the authentic Prada aesthetic. 

Flat sandals or low heel sandals are great for vacation periods or for warmer climatic circumstances, as daily footwear. In regards to the high heel versions, their models are perfect for parties and formal events. Their vanguardist designs are ideal when completing a look. The bigger the volume in a shoe or pair of sandals, the more minimal the styling should be to maintain harmony and to highlight the design of the footwear.