Prada women's belts


Logo plaque belt

490 €


Prada women’s belts are the perfect accessory for elegant and sophisticated outfits. The Prada label is known worldwide for its quality and exclusive design. Prada belts for women are available in a wide array of styles and materials. From the classic leather and rugged fabrics, each belt is designed to perfectly compliment the modern woman. The details in metal and distinctive belt buckles are symbol of brand identity and style in each belt. 

The belts Prada designed for women are a versatile accessory that can be used in different occasions. From a more formal occasion to casual days, a Prada belt can be the key piece when completing a look. Broader belt models are ideal to showcase with night looks, while thinner belts are a great cherry on top of a daily look. 


Prada belt models at OTTODISANPIETRO

Prada women’s belts are also designed to be comfortable and long lasting. The Italian fashion powerhouse makes use of the best materials and production techniques, guaranteeing each belt will be a lasting piece to be used for decades. Furthermore, each Prada belt has the perfect cinch to every woman’s waist. 

The Prada brand defends their compromise to sustainability, being the first group in the industry to sign a green deal, reflected in the production of their women’s belts and other Prada accessories. Prada utilises sustainable materials in their products, such as their Re:Nylon sourced from recovered fishing nets and gear from the ocean. This guarantees the Re:Nylon pieces will have a certain degree of sustainability and respect to the environment. 

Overall, Prada belts women’s are the excellent choice to compliment any elegant and sophisticated look. With a broad variety to styles and fabrics, the Prada belts are a long lasting acquisition in quality and design. On top of that, their commitment to sustainability ensures pieces such as Prada’s belts are a conscious options that is responsible for any women on the lookout for a long lasting fashion accessory.


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