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Prada Women's sweaters

Triangle-logo polo shirtTriangle-logo polo shirtTriangle-logo polo shirtTriangle-logo polo shirtTriangle-logo polo shirt
Sale price1.750 €
Round-neck jumperRound-neck jumperRound-neck jumperRound-neck jumperRound-neck jumper
Sale price1.300 €
V-neck knitted long-sleeve jumperV-neck knitted long-sleeve jumperV-neck knitted long-sleeve jumperV-neck knitted long-sleeve jumperV-neck knitted long-sleeve jumper

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From its foundation in 1913, the Prada label has been synonymous with elegance and retro-chic sophistication. In the past few decades, the brand has consolidated its position in the industry of fashion thanks to the creative vision of Miuccia Prada. With it, the Prada women’s sweater has become a key element of her creative expression. 

Prada is known for its vanguardist style, elevating the brand to new levels of influence in the world of fashion. Its innovative, experimental spirit has given way to some of the most iconic collections of the brand. This includes her very first, in 1988, daring to break free from the fashion excesses of the time and consolidating her sober, intellectual aesthetic. Each Prada sweater or Prada jumper is part of this expression of ease and discreet elegance, bringing the label to becoming synonymous with worlds of intellectual inquietude. 

In the year 2020, Miuccia Prada became a creative partner with Belgian designer Raf Simons to direct the brand. This collaboration between two geniuses of fashion has won over the public, thanks to the perfect balance between cinematic and ethereality of their respective creative visions. 

Prada jumpers at OTTODISANPIETRO

The collections of Prada women’s sweaters are a showcase of the creativity and attention to detail existing within the brand. These are usually produced with materials of exclusive quality, with designs as universal as they are innovative, combining elegance and comfort. 

Prada women’s jumpers perfectly adap to different moments in life, form the most formal of occasions to the more casual times. The quintessential Italian fashion brand offers a wide variety of Prada sweaters, from the more skin-tight, body-hugging models to the more fluid, loose designs and plays on volumes. 

When looking for Prada women’s knitwear, at OTTODISANPIETRO you can find the perfect balance between innovative and artistic as well as classic and timeless. The new collections, born out of the creative partnership between Miuccia and Raf at Prada, perfectly play in this intersection of each other's specialties.