Prada is one of our most recognised labels within the fashion industry and beyond, remaining  one of the most celebrated in society since its foundation in 1913 (Mario Prada, Milán). What began as a small leather goods store for accessories and travel, has become one of the greatest leaders of the industry. From its origins, its focus was the production of exclusive quality pieces, by using excellent, high end materials. 

The importance of Prada in fashion and society is unbeatable. The label stands out for its innovation, quality and design, and has been a leader in the invention of trends and styles. The black Prada bag is a classic and modern icon, recognised for its minimal and current focus, as well as its attention to detail and element of artisanship. 

On top of that, Prada has collaborated repeatedly with artists, designers, cinematographers and all kinds of creatives throughout its history. This collaboration has allowed it to have a firm presence beyond fashion, influencing pop culture in more ways than one. 


The type of Prada black bags at OTTODISANPIETRO

The philosophy of exclusive quality pieces in exquisite fabrics and materials has been inextricably linked to each piece of the brand all along. Together with this, has gone the innovation in materials. One of the best known materials in black Prada bags is Saffiano leather, with a texture of its own achieved through the use of heat. The result is water and scratch resistant, making it an excellent material for bags and accessories. 

Recently, the house has been working on a project of sustainability called Re:Nylon, looking to reduce the quantity of plastics in the ocean by obtaining recycled nylon from abandoned fishing nets. The black Prada bag, such as the Re-Edition in Re:Nylon, is a perfect demonstration of how fashion can be responsible and sustainable. 

Prada black bags are an example of the legendary quality of the brand, as well as of its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Prada remains at the forefront of the industry, leaving an incalculable footprint in popular culture and society. A black Prada bag is a smart acquisition that is wise and timeless.


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