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The History of Women's Designer Bags

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New Men's Designer Brands

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Bottega Veneta bags: Living legends of craftsmanship

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The English luxury powerhouse continues to explore the ways in which their traditions and codes can fit into daily wear for different men. Their approach remains diverse, recognizable and universal enough to be appealing to customers worldwide.

Burberry men jackets: the reason the brand was born

Thomas Burberry had launched Burberry, one of the oldest luxury houses in the world, with the intention of providing the English people with proper outerwear for their climatic inclemencies. The English weather is known for its gloomy, wet personality; which in turn forced Thomas Burberry to further innovate and invest in the quality of his company.

The Burberry aesthetic is often associated with their iconic trench coats, but other forms of Burberry jackets explore other forms of contact with today’s society. All whilst keeping their elegant, trendy aesthetic. Their new forms of beauty in Burberry puffer jackets and other designs of this piece. Burberry jackets for men are original, but always committed to the elegance of the English aesthetic. The Burberry style is a symbol of English identity, combining the keys of the country’s fashion: class with an experimental spirit, and always on the lookout for harsher, wetter weather.

Many of the Burberry jackets of today have different features that make them unique. Some Burberry jackets have detachable sleeves, turning a jacket or Burberry puffer jacket into a gilet or Burberry vest. Some others have removable hoods or inner layers, changing the silhouette and the warmth of these Burberry jackets. Other models are reversible, meaning for the purchase of these pieces you get two instead of one Burberry jacket.

Their production of Burberry jackets is also one of the most sustainable ever seen before. In 2022, it was announced that Burberry had officially become the first luxury house to become entirely carbon neutral. This is a necessary and pioneering step set by a house that serves as example for many other global brands.