The classic Burberry trench is ever present at Ottodisanpietro. The classic piece is neutral tones is an icon of Burbery menswear. Its lightness and materials have been perfected a symbol of the 21st century.

The Burberry trench models are varied, but always committed to the elegance of the English aesthetic. The Burberry style is a symbol of English identity, combining the keys of the country’s fashion: class with an experimental spirit. The beige tones in the Burberry trench coats are perfect to style with anything, and even if more colors have come into production, the neutral versions never go out of style.

Although the first drafts of this essential dates back to 1880, with the patenting of the water-repellent, the first design of the official Burberry trench did not appear until 1912. The Burberry men trench was a fully technological advance for its time. As an added fact, the iconic lapels take 21 minutes to complete and, for a perfect finish, every inch of the lapels has 12 stitches total.

Nowadays, new creative directors have reinterpreted and reimagined the Burberry trench for men with vibrant designs and patterns, never without its inherent elegante of the essential Burberry trench. Its versatile essence is perfect for research on textures, colors and different fabrics to modernize the designs.

To use them, any colder or pre-fall weather is ideal. The waterproof fabric will keep anyone from the rain. There being some reversible models, this two in one allows for double the possibilities with plain and printed options in one. Any outfit will look fabulous under this trench coat, but to remain loyal to the original aesthetic of the Burberry men trench coat, a good knit piece like a fine knit sweater with a roll neck or a good pair of tailored pants will provide this elegance forever emanating from the Burberry trench coat men. 

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