Regardless of the weather, a men shawl is a touch of color and freshness for any style or age. Gucci, Etro and Loewe constantly make collections of shawls for men of the highest quality in exquisite silk blends. Unlike scarves, men shawls are usually more fresh and light, in colors and textures that are more breathable than wool.

The juiciness of their fabrics make for interesting textures in men outfits, and even film language has made us associate men shawls with masculine elegance.

Colors and patterns vary broadly, and our selection adapts to the likes of our different clients. Etro shawls are bold and vibrant, full of color and representing the house’s iconic paisley print. The prints of this house are inspired by the Etro family’s trips to India. However, among our choices from the brand you may also find more toned down, discreet models in the same, exclusive quality.

Loewe men shawls ‘ craftsmanship and its Anagram are shown off as well in their men shawls collections, coming in many spectacular patterns and colors.

Men shawls and scarves by Gucci make for an excellent gift, with both classic and even reversible options for successful gifting.

All men shawl brands at our store are of the highest quality, adding sophistication to any men’s outfit. New incorporations like Bianca Saunders have also opted to design men shawls in graphic motifs. It is truly a wonder to witness brands represent themselves through an accessory such as the men shawl. 


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