Loewe Women's dresses


Loewe dresses for woman become sensations of each season they belong to. Their play between the exploration of the feminine geometry, the joy of the new designs and their exquisite silhouettes and fabrics, each make Loewe dresses highly anticipated pieces each and every season. 

The new wave of creations for Loewe comes under the creative genius of its Creative Director, Irishman Jonathan Anderson. Appointed for the coveted role in 2013, his collections dare to explore and expand the new limits of what it means to be a Loewe woman. The Loewe woman is intellectual, curious and artistic. Her artistic facet is as much in creating as in admirating, and between classic pieces and historical craftsmanship, the Loewe woman fears not exploring the new codes of dressing for each season. 

Dresses with embroidered balloons and prints, colors and otherworldly ombré designs, fabrics hugging the body between cottons and the softest velvets… The Loewe dresses position themselves as some of the most sophisticated pieces in the world of fashion design. In this intersections between classic and innovative, there appear the most outstanding and sought after  combinations of each season. Celebrities, stylists and fashion lovers all across the world seek each new collection of Loewe women’s dresses, and we often acquire the most sensational pieces of each season. 

Selecting a Loewe dress at OTTODISANPIETRO

A balancing act between the classic, the timeless and the modern. The first two qualities, classicism and timelessness, don’t always go hand in hand. A classic item needs not be necessarily timeless, and a timeless pieces can be born in any given moment. In this space between all qualities there move labels like Loewe, establishing the basis upon which we work and curate fashion at OTTODISANPIETRO. 

The most elegant dresses by the Spanish label are essentials; oftentime in long cuts and making great use of the visual motifs of each new collection. The new show looks, in either main or pre-collections and other seasonal distributions, following connecting links between the universes created by Jonathan Anderson for each collection. 

At OTTODISANPIETRO, we select exquisite items form each collection. Explore them in our web and our A Coruña store locations, and find yourself wearing the dresses making the best international fashion covers every year. 

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