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Loewe Women's outerwear

Padded bomber jacketPadded bomber jacketPadded bomber jacket
Sale price2.100 €
Loose jacketLoose jacketLoose jacket
Sale price3.500 €
Loose-fitting coat
Sale price2.800 €
Coat in wool and cashmereCoat in wool and cashmereCoat in wool and cashmereCoat in wool and cashmere
Sale price2.400 €

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The collections of coats and jackets designed by Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe are pieces both timeless and innovative. The participation of a brilliant mind like Anderson’s over a historical legacy in craftsmanship, launches some of the most sought after collections season after season. 

The Loewe jackets for women in runway shoes are often parts of surrealist and diverse creations. The ready to wear versions that make it to stores adapt this imagery to clothes to wear on the daily. Although these pieces often remain as seen on shows, it’s the process of styling and creative direction of the shows that makes them an essential part of the atmosphere of each show. 

Loewe coats for women and Loewe jackets at Ottodisanpietro

data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">The Loewe jackets in our stores stand for a deep appreciation of the house’s art. The traditional and the modern are united through Loewe collections elevating artisanship to museum-like pieces. This artisan excellence and design wonders come with great comfort and adaptability to modern life, each Loewe coat being a piece to wear and treasure on the daily. 

The specialty of Loewe lies in the reinterpretation of classic shapes brought to contemporary-ness. Their constant rediscovering and touches of humour and youth provide their collections with a certain perennial quality to them. The new fashion by the house is in a constant flux between its origin and the future of Loewe clothing. 

The process of curation of Loewe jackets for our stores (both for men and women) emulates the curation of pieces of art. The constant evolution and aesthetic value, the appreciation for craftsmanship… These are all key elements of a Loewe collection. The coats and jackets by this great fashion house are central  pieces to a whole closet, earning their own unique protagonism in the world of Loewe coats and jackets.