Loewe Women's sandals


Loewe sandals for women relish in their outstanding creativity, leatherwork mastery and constant reinvention. Loewe as carried by Jonathan Anderson is known for its ability to constantly reimagine classic shapes and items without stripping them of their functionality and aesthetic qualities. 

Brief history of women’s sandals

Women’s sandals come from the word “sandalwood”, as it was believed they were originally made in such natural matter. The footwear most resembling the concept of a sandal we have today, was found originally in Oregon (United States) and is around 11,000 years old. In Ancient Egypt, sandals were symbols of important ruling figures. 

Currently, women’s leather sandals such as Loewe sandals have become an endless source of leather mastery and other materials’. The great fashion houses often take inspiration from Mediterranean culture and history, usually associated with the South of our own country (Spain). Esparto and other natural materials and fibres are usually what make summer sandals. 

Sandals such as Loewe’s accompany a legacy of leatherwork of nearly 200 years of tradition. Such craftsmanship has remained solid through all of Loewe’s phases as a brand, thanks to their loyal collaborations with craftsmen and women all over the country of Spain and beyond. 

Find Loewe women’s sandals at Ottodisanpietro woman

At Ottodisanpietro, both at our physical stores in A Coruña and in our online shop, we select this type of footwear made and ideated by the best fashion houses. With the arrival of warmer days, or even for formal occasions in their heeled sandals version; this kind of footwear for women has become a key for daily wear. 

Don’t miss out on our seasonal selections of Loewe sandals for women, some of the most innovative in the sector. With touches of humour and joy and a timeless, classic appeal, this winning combination in Loewe sandals reappears each summer to conquer our wardrobes.
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