Loewe women t-shirts have become one of fashion’s most successful pieces in designer fashion. The emblems and anagram motifs of the brand have become a sign of distinction, a sign of identity for us who embrace fashion. From plays on fabrics and colours to original textures, the Loewe t-shirt for women is a best seller item each and every season. 

Ever since Jonathan Anderson’s creative takeover, the Irish designer has managed to bring this classic Spanish label to new stratospheres in fashion. His humour and connection to the young and graphic design have all turned him into a contemporary fashion icon. 

The history of Loewe clothing 

Loewe started off in 1846 Madrid, under its original founder Enrique Loewe y Roessenberg (of German origins, relocated to Spain). What began as an exquisite leatherwork atelier in the Spanish capital, grew to become one of the most relevant and historic fashion houses in the present world. 

Throughout different phases, Loewe continued to be synonymous with the highest fashion coming out of the Iberian peninsula. In 2013, with Jonathan Anderson’s appointment, the brand was transformed into one much more connected to youth and the mainstream media. 

Loewe women’s t-shirts

Loewe women continue to boast, nearly 200 years later, its mastery over artisan craft on all levels. The exclusive qualities and materials, on top of the production and creativity of their presentations, positions the brand at the forefront of all the big fashion houses on Earth. 

The Loewe t-shirts with anagram logo in the most simple, timeless styles continue to be most popular. Furthermore, each season the label plays with its own creative imagery to propose pieces that translate into wearable pieces to the daily wear.
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