Loewe bracelets and Loewe women’s wristbands are small leather goods, very easy to style. Logos, colours, anagrams and more symbols of the Loewe legacy appear in these adored accessories. These pieces are a way for the house to showcase their master leatherwork, as well as other fabrics’. Some of them appear in their themed collections, such as Loewe Paula’s Ibiza. 

The path of the brand began with a network of high level artisans distributed along Madrid, which soon garnered the attention from many of the other high spheres in the city. Enrique Loewe y Roessberg launched his business and creative venture to the service of his new project. Many great fashion houses commenced as small leather goods companies, such as Loewe, Gucci or even Prada. 

The Loewe women’s bracelets and Loewe women’s wristbands at OTTODISANPIETRO

The bracelets by this great label are adored by many for their way of letting us don the Loewe legacy in an easy, simple way. The models launched by the house each season follow the thematic lines of the label, but they also keep the essence of handcraft and leatherwork.

Fabric intertwining, braiding, engravings, textures and all sorts of leather work elevate these Loewe bracelets to the category of master handmade goods. You can find in our stores a variety of colours combined with neutral elements, always going back to the sophistication and timelessness that characterises our collections. 

The Loewe bracelets appear in our sections of jewellery and other small accessories, where the great fashion houses showcase their imagery in the most expert, surprising ways. Don’t miss our collections of accessories and jewellery both in stores and online.

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