Loewe Women's belts


Loewe women’s belts return each season with great demand. Both anagrams and other symbols of the house are pieces with great history. Many of these are completely reversible, carrying two Loewe belt options instead of one. 

As a label with origins in the art of leatherwork, women’s Loewe belts and other accessories from the house are pieces with great history. From the Madrid of 1846, the great Spanish label has remained at the forefront of leather craftsmanship. Currently, their broad network of artisans with whom they work for decades on end, keeps both the tradition and the art alive in the sector. 

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Both for men and for women, belts are an important staple in our wardrobe. Within accessories fulfilling both an aesthetic and functional role, Loewe belts keep a steady balance between function and craft. 

Usually, their belts (reversible or not) are made of a leather band and a buckle. The band of leather, in the case of belts by Loewe, can be either plain or embossed with some of the many visual codes of the house. The belt can also come in fabric, normally of high resistance to withstand its role. In this case, embroideries are common. Both in fabric or leather, the waist bands can differ in colouring depending on their design and function. 

The buckles in these belts often come with the popular Loewe Anagram, designed in the decade of the 1970s by painter Vicente Vela. This anagram, adorning a great deal of the brand’s imagery, comes in fine but rugged metals as the buckle for their most famous belts. 

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