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The Row

Matias skirt

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The United States were not always an international luxury reference, not until the emergence of brands like The Row in 2006. The skirts The Row, born within this New York-based brand, exemplify their commitment and interest in deconstructing what it means to be timeless.

Founded by the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row has redefined sophistication with an almost sculptural dimension inspired by the plastic arts. Their simplicity goes beyond their aesthetics: the brand reserves the finest fabrics on the market to create durable, versatile, and well-designed pieces.

What makes The Row skirts?

With a meticulously refined aesthetic, and a legendary attention to quality and detail, The Row skirts are a showcase of the creative mind behind the brand. The philosophy of The Row draws from the origin of its own name: Savile Row, a street full of tailors in the heart of London. The appreciation for European tailoring and "less is more" has been maintained since its beginnings, proving to be faithful to the concept of the house.

The Row has gained a following for its commitment to excellence in exclusive quality and the use of pure top-tier fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, and the highest quality Italian leather.

While their signature is sometimes defined by sophisticated simplicity, it would be a short definition for the conceptual process behind their collections. The silhouettes display fluidity and detailed cuts, creating clean and elegant proportions. The range of models can vary from pleated midi skirts to pencil skirts with various waistlines, showcasing a diversity of patterns with a classic and polished sensibility.

The Olsen twins have demonstrated an unmistakable ability to blend craftsmanship and modernity, positioning The Row as one of the most influential brands in the new direction of contemporary luxury clothing. Their focus on quality, purity, and timelessness in their creations has ensured that The Row skirts are pieces that transcend seasons and trends. Once in our wardrobe, these pieces become collector-worthy treasures.
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