The Row Women's tops

The Row

Iverness top

640 €


The construction of The Row tops exemplifies perfectly its artistic character, as if it were a curation of museum pieces. The inspiration of the twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the great contemporary art galleries and artists like Pablo Picasso becomes evident in pieces like their tops, which are part of collections that merge conceptuality with timelessness.

The imaginary of The Row is one of timeless, universal fashion, reinterpreted through perfectly polished patterns and exquisitely selected raw materials. Among the most legendary elements of the New York brand, the exceptional quality of the fabrics stands out on its own.

How to style The Row tops with our personal style

The style approach of The Row serves two parallel but complementary functions: the universality and/or timelessness of its collection concepts, as well as an inherently artistic and intellectual identity of The Row. The source of inspiration that the creative duo Olsen finds in the visual arts is tangible in each of their pieces.

At the same time, the line tells stories of its contemporary woman through classic elements simply re-investigated through perfect patterns and luxurious fabrics. Not in vain, the American brand began with the exhaustive research about the perfect white t-shirt: an item of contemporary clothing classic and essential in every wardrobe, but one that could still be perfected and elevated to a higher category.

The ready-to-wear concept of the brand encourages the creation of garments that range from the most classic to the most conceptual, with different levels of formality and colour, thus creating fertile ground for consistent yet always surprising collections. Creativity with new unexplored materials and new colours accentuating universally timeless palettes are the very essence of The Row.

The Row tops can easily be combined with our personal and daily style, with also a wide range of more conceptual and structured options that we can reserve for formal occasions. Their protagonist character allows us to both pair them with jeans or simple tailored pants for everyday wear, as well as with a formal ensemble with a skirt or elegant women's trousers with statement jewellery to create balance.
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