The Row Women's trousers

The Row

Dalton trousers

1.180 €

The Row

Gordon trousers

1.940 €

The Row

Baer pant

1.070 €

The Row

Gala pants

1.180 €

The Row

Igor pants

1.510 €


Within the universe of The Row, their trousers are a way to accompany a woman in her everyday life. The artistic and intellectual perspective in all their pieces is combined with an exclusive textile quality, characteristic of the brand's soul.

Like many of their other pieces, The Row trousers collections have their own names, distinguishing silhouettes and cuts with a whole creative support behind them. Behind the nomenclature of these trousers, there are exquisite collections in various forms, ranging from higher to lower formality for greater versatility in a woman's wardrobe.

How to Wear a Pair of The Row Trousers

Being an essential part of their timeless and universal philosophy, the trousers from the New York-based brand offer an infinite range of possibilities. These pieces achieve this thanks to their adaptability to situations from the most formal to the most casual, for daily wear or for celebration, but always maintaining their creative essence and with elevated taste.

The Row trousers can be paired with our usual style, thanks to their diversity and the exceptional quality of the cuts. Always depending on the season, the pairs of trousers from this label also refer to the essential style of the house, allowing us to draw inspiration from the creativity of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

In this exploration of styles, The Row style immerses us fully in our most intellectual facet, giving us the wings to unite our love for art collection and gallery with the sophisticated and polished air of the brand.

The brand's chromatic ranges, straddling the neutral and universal palettes of beiges, sands, whites, creams, browns, blacks, and whites, also present striking colour accents that represent the spirit of each season and stand out against the simplicity of the background colours.

The sartorial quality of these trousers offers an almost bespoke suit feel. Inspired by the history of Savile Row (London), a well-known street full of tailors in the English capital; the creative duo has skillfully readapted the most classic and traditional quality of fine tailoring to the needs of modern clothing and contemporary life.

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