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The Row Women's clothing

Attica shirtAttica shirt
Sale price1.250 €
Voice skirtVoice skirt
Sale price1.990 €
Kavi skirtKavi skirt
Sale price2.250 €
Raj jacketRaj jacket
Sale price4.950 €
Isha topIsha top
Sale price650 €
Hubert pantsHubert pants
Sale price1.690 €
Gitu dressGitu dress
Sale price1.590 €
Gabbo skirtGabbo skirtGabbo skirt
Sale price1.050 €
Fidele jacketFidele jacket
Sale price4.750 €
Denver CoatDenver CoatDenver Coat
Sale price5.290 €
Agla dressAgla dress
Sale price1.550 €
Bartelle skirtBartelle skirt
Sale price1.290 €
Harvy jacketHarvy jacket
Sale price2.650 €
Darnelle blouseDarnelle blouseDarnelle blouseDarnelle blouse
Sale price2.480 €
Elu sweaterElu sweaterElu sweaterElu sweater
Sale price2.430 €
Edmonton jumperEdmonton jumperEdmonton jumperEdmonton jumperEdmonton jumper
Sale price2.050 €
Darcis TopDarcis TopDarcis TopDarcis TopDarcis Top
Sale price1.830 €
Stepny topStepny topStepny topStepny topStepny top
Sale price1.030 €
Derignon TopDerignon Top
Sale price2.050 €
Ophelia topOphelia topOphelia topOphelia topOphelia top
Sale price1.680 €
Tana top in cashmereTana top in cashmereTana top in cashmere
Sale price1.660 €
Fira topFira topFira top
Sale price1.350 €
Izumi dressIzumi dressIzumi dress
Sale price1.830 €
Fira topFira top
Sale price1.350 €
Blaine t-shirtBlaine t-shirt
Sale price640 €
Blaine t-shirtBlaine t-shirt
Sale price640 €
Penna shirtPenna shirt
Sale price1.350 €
Jugi pantsJugi pants
Sale price1.140 €
Amalia shirtAmalia shirt
Sale price1.350 €
Isora dressIsora dress
Sale price1.680 €
Antone pantsAntone pants
Sale price1.290 €
Faithe skirtFaithe skirt
Sale price2.330 €
Dan PantsDan Pants
Sale price1.250 €
Roan trousersRoan trousers
Sale price1.720 €
Corby trousersCorby trousersCorby trousersCorby trousersCorby trousers
Sale price1.180 €
Banew pantsBanew pants
Sale price1.180 €
Rufos pantsRufos pantsRufos pantsRufos pantsRufos pants
Sale price1.570 €
Carlton JeansCarlton JeansCarlton JeansCarlton JeansCarlton Jeans
Sale price700 €

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The perfect T-shirt. That is the project that began a long road of successes for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. With this high quality, simple philosophy, The Row clothing was born to shape modern fashion. The name comes from Savile Row, a street in Mayfair (London) known for its abundance of tailors for men. Thus, apart from the name, the creators absorbed the dedication to fine sartorial fashion and transformed it into a whole new fashion moment of its own. 

Exquisite fabrics, timeless yet current pieces, unique sourcing of materials… The list goes on about what makes The Row a luxury fashion staple since its foundation in 2006. The creativity of the pair marked the beginning of a new sense in fashion, a return to a certain simplicity and elegance that had been missed. Currently, from their headquarters in New York City, the creatives launch seasonal collections that combine an understated luxury with irreverent silhouettes and eye-catching layering. 

How The Row clothing aligns with Ottodisanpietro

The Row’s exquisite tailoring, current yet timeless style and constant innovation and renovation is what we aim for at Ottodisanpietro. Their elegance is simple, discreet and meaningful. Their shows are an entire, and exclusive, ritual. Very few controlled images from the show are published, very few guests get inside, and thus the air of mystery in the creators is maintained. The collection is the real protagonist of their presentations. The quality of the clothes and their exquisite designs is what has sustained the brand as one of the quintessential luxury labels of the 21st century. 

Muted, discreet color palettes with splashes of color blocking here and there are what makes the ultimate The Row clothing style. In 2012, six full years after its foundation, the creators won Womenswear Designer of the Year at the CFDA fashion awards (one of the most prestigious in the world). Their collections show up in New York Fashion Week and more recently, Paris Fashion Week with the mass migration of American designers to the French capital. However, it is their quintessential New York identity and presence that gives new meaning to their work, becoming some of the most relevant minimalist designers of the United States of America without a clear commercial approach. 

Their first store in Los Angeles won the Chicago Athenaeum award for architecture. This needs not be a surprise, for their artistic vision reaches far beyond clothing. Their accessories really dress up a room, and their constant relationship to the arts has forever served them as inspiration. Our first purchase of a collection by The Row, back 2011, included the Pablo jumper (after Pablo Picasso). Their link to a concept of beauty expanding further from fashion is what makes their brand powerful, allowing for everyone to find a piece of themselves in The Row clothing, whilst keeping a very solid, consistent aesthetic.