The Row Women's knitwear

The Row

Tana jumper

1.900 €

The Row

Tana top in cashmere

1.660 €


The knitwear from The Row possesses a distinctive dimension that harnesses the natural drape of the wool for its silhouettes. In the signature The Row knitwear, the silhouettes and the embrace of the clothing on the woman's body stand as the central pillar of its philosophy.

The meticulous calculation of pattern-making and the weight of the clothing accentuates the final effect of the look of these pieces. With a play between oversized and tailored, all their pieces meet the standards of tailoring quality. Inspired by the tradition of English tailors, the Olsen twins have channelled their passion for fashion into one of the biggest luxury brands in the contemporary world.

What sets The Row knitwear apart?

In addition to excellent quality in fabrics and craftsmanship, the plastic and artistic influences underlying each design add to what makes a piece distinctly The Row. The legendary technique used for the making of each piece of knitwear The Row results in the fabulous sweaters and cardigans that we know.

As absolute enthusiasts of the concepts of perfection and timelessness in their collections, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are responsible for setting one of the crucial guidelines of 21st-century fashion: one that doesn't seek to follow trends, but achieves a level of depth and construction that stands on its own over time.

The journey of the creative duo began in 2006, aiming to create the perfect white t-shirt in all its terms. From the selection of materials, through meticulous pattern-making, to a thorough study of every millimetre of the piece; the Olsen twins laid the foundations of their brand philosophy: a constant pursuit of purity, pristine craftsmanship, and a timeless character infused with influences from contemporary art.

Thus, many of their pieces and collections, such as The Row women's cardigans or The Row women's jumpers, are a testament to meticulous work in their creative processes: perfect craftsmanship, exhaustively studied details, a pattern that enhances calculated draping, and colours for modern life.
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