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Gucci women's skirts

Web poplin skirtWeb poplin skirtWeb poplin skirtWeb poplin skirtWeb poplin skirt
Sale price980 €
GG viscose skirtGG viscose skirtGG viscose skirtGG viscose skirtGG viscose skirtGG viscose skirt
Sale price1.200 €
Tweed miniskirtTweed miniskirtTweed miniskirtTweed miniskirtTweed miniskirt
Sale price1.500 €
GG canvas skirtGG canvas skirtGG canvas skirtGG canvas skirtGG canvas skirtGG canvas skirt
Sale price1.250 €
Striped wrap skirtStriped wrap skirtStriped wrap skirtStriped wrap skirtStriped wrap skirtStriped wrap skirt
Sale price1.500 €

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As one of the most popular items in a woman's wardrobe, Gucci women's skirts are a true masterpiece among these garments. Integral to the brand's identity, Gucci skirts embody the innovative spirit and elegance of the brand while adapting it to a classic women's clothing item.

Founded as a leather goods company in 1921, Gucci has remained a global fashion powerhouse, with collections that have shaped and continue to influence the industry and intertwine with sociocultural milestones. From historical moments with Jacqueline Kennedy herself, Grace Kelly and other female powerhouses of the 20th and 21st century, Gucci is a house that has gone further from the realms of fashion and transcended into a cultural phenomenon.

Gucci Women's Skirts at OTTODISANPIETRO Women

The range of Gucci women's skirts, as seen in our store and on this very page, offers a wide variety of designs that explore all facets of women's lives. From pleated skirt designs to midi skirts, the silhouettes of these Gucci pieces know no bounds.

The brand's signature prints also find expression on these pieces. Featuring the house's logos and symbols, the skirts become a canvas for aesthetic expression, reflecting the brand's distinctive style.

In terms of materials, each piece is crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. The presence of intricate embroidery, lace details, and embellishments in some of the skirts further highlights the creative legacy of the brand.

The colour palette used in Gucci's women's clothing lines also extends to these skirts, with the brand's traditional bold and vintage-inspired approach. From models in timeless neutral tones to vibrant seasonal colours and eye-catching prints, Gucci's diverse offerings cater to a wide range of occasions and moments in a woman's life.

Gucci skirts emphasise the concept of versatility, easily paired with blouses for a more romantic look, sweaters for a preppy ensemble, or T-shirts for more casual occasions.