Wool trousers

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Monogram blazer

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V-neck wool cardigan

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The name Gucci needs no explanation. A true legend of the world of luxury fashion, Gucci womenswear has time and time again proved itself a global powerhouse. Thriving after each season with an imaginarium rooted in the leatherwork from the Gucci family, the new Gucci clothes have become a brand for all generations. Their refreshing approach to luxury and multimodal empire is part of what turned the family owned business into a worldwide sensation.

Gucci woman at Ottodisanpietro

As one of our central brands in store, the Italian powerhouse is a perfect example of how to conquer the world market. During its history, it has adapted and evolved to its time to the point where it became a leading force in the changes of the industry. Form the sexy, sultry Gucci of the 90s to the understated, colorful equestrian club Gucci girl of the 2000s; the current Gucci woman is eclectic in her ambitions. With a mix of intellectual appeal and irreverent cultural referencing, combined with the traditional codes of the house, Alessandro Michele has been bringing Gucci to a much more global audience.

In our stores, our selection of Gucci clothes for woman celebrates this multifaceted legacy by including some of their most iconic total runway looks. As their runway presentations become increasingly momentous, their looks begin to transcend pop culture. From ancient castles to filmographic references, all the way through twin catwalk looks. The new Gucci collections are powerful in their storytelling, and the multilayered references in each new presentation means an introduction to a whole new cinematic universe.

We carefully curate the most salient gems of each collection, including Gucci jackets, Gucci dresses, Gucci belts, Gucci bags and more of the popular brand staples. Our Gucci clothes in store reflect a longstanding legacy by a brand with an identity as solid as their incredible new collections.