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Gucci women's shawls

GG-print bowGG-print bow
Sale price195 €
Silk shawlSilk shawlSilk shawl
Sale price490 €
GG monogram frayed shawlGG monogram frayed shawl
Sale price650 €
Tartan-motif shawlTartan-motif shawl
Sale price515 €

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Crafted from the most exquisite silks and cottons, Gucci shawls are a legendary item in fashion and society. The same model that debuted the famous 'Flora' print in 1966 was exclusively designed for Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. This action by the brand elevated Gucci women's shawls from a standout piece to an international cultural symbol.

Gucci women's neckerchiefs are works of art in their own right, embodying luxury fashion in an unparalleled multisensory style experience. Thanks to meticulous attention to detail, these shawls and scarves materialise the essence of the luxury and haute couture that Gucci has crafted for over a century.

How to wear a Gucci women's shawl?

As elements with strong aesthetic presence, many Gucci shawls deserve their own spotlight. When paired with more muted and neutral-coloured outfits, we bring out the personality of our accessories even more. Among their distinctive features, such as quality craftsmanship and fabrics, Gucci shawl stand out for their iconic prints representing the brand. These prints translate the imagery of a century-old label into pieces that enhance the most sophisticated looks. From the iconic floral motifs dedicated to European royalty to rhomboid patterns and Guccio Gucci's double G, each design reflects the brand's tradition and its ability to innovate within the world of fashion.

The air of sophistication associated with Gucci neckerchief goes beyond exclusive materials and impeccable craftsmanship. They represent Gucci's aesthetic legacy as one of the most influential fashion houses globally. Since its foundation in 1921, over a century ago, Gucci and its fashion collections have revolutionised the industry with a blend of historical techniques applied to technology and contemporary design. Gucci women's neckerchiefs are an essential part of this legacy.

Gucci scarves and shawls transcend their existence as accessories and become tangible expressions of the brand's craftsmanship.