With the naming of Marco de Vincenzo in the summer of 2022, Etro clothing entered a new chapter. Through Etropia, de Vincenzo took Etro’s intricate polychromatic history into a more ethereal realm. The Etro history is one of nomadic, Eastern inspiration with the spirit of a world traveler. Etro clothing reflects innate internationality, with knowledge of global cultures and a presence that is both metropolitan and out of the box.
Etro brings pure color to modern fashion. Their constant experimentation with dyes and studies of color are far beyond the reach of common fashion design. Their traditional paisley, along with other many explorations of print Etro engages in each season, are inspired by the Etro family’s trips across India. The traditional Indian use of colors in their culture planted the seed for the fabulous collections of Etro fashion.

Etro clothing women at Ottodisanpietro

Etro at Ottodisanpietro is decidedly a staple. The colors of the brand’s pieces inundate our stores with the most vibrant, well studied chromatic ranges in Etro dresses, Etro jackets and Etro clothing in general. Some of their most iconic designs have been in our stores, and every season we bet on pieces that appeal to their nomadic, fresh aesthetic for those with an eclectic spirit.

The Etro woman is fresh and free. She is aware of her position in the world, of the existence of other peoples and of her connection to Earth and to mother nature as a whole. The fantastic landscapes often portrayed in Etro campaigns is quite telling in their view of connection with nature, which is quite clearly reflected in their clothing lines.

Etro clothing is a fantastic choice for the Ottodisanpietro woman. The intellect and global curiosity of the Ottodisanpietro woman is just one more step in the essence of Etro clothing for woman, and their prints and color schemes further take on this big-picture mentality in the traveler that is the Etro woman. 

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