Jacquemus Women's skirts


The romantic expression of Jacquemus for women is reinforced by pieces such as their skirts. The sensuality and freshness of Jacquemus skirts demonstrate a personal yet timeless style. The pieces by the young French creator embody the concept of trend and ultimately become iconic in their own right. Jacquemus skirts promote the internal imagery of the creative from the south of France. From short silhouettes with their famous straps to longer, more romantic models, Jacquemus skirts represent a step forward in our expression of personal style.

In general, women's skirts are classic and versatile garments that have been part of the female wardrobe almost from the beginning. Available in an immense variety of styles, lengths, and fabrics, skirts offer endless possibilities to create looks that are elegant, feminine, romantic, and modern.

How to wear Jacquemus clothing: the brand's skirts

From figure-enhancing pencil skirts to pleated and flowing skirts that add movement and romance, each style of skirt has its own distinctive touch and adapts to various women. They can all be paired with blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, or jackets, allowing for the creation of both formal and casual outfits depending on the choice of complementary garments. Skirts add an extra layer of femininity to one's style.

Jacquemus skirts are characterized by often incorporating asymmetrical cuts, unusual pleats, and daring color combinations in their women's skirts. These trendy yet timeless creations express the individuality of our customers.

As a luxury fashion house, Jacquemus pays attention to details, such as raised metal logos, extravagant bows, or unexpected openings. All of these elements add a touch of sensuality, sophistication, and personal style to their skirts.

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