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Jacquemus Women's tops

Ascu topAscu topAscu topAscu topAscu topAscu top
Sale price132 € Regular price220 €
Juego topJuego top
Sale price490 €
Maille topMaille topMaille topMaille topMaille top
Sale price290 €
Pralù topPralù topPralù topPralù topPralù topPralù top
Sale price420 €
Le Haut Rica topLe Haut Rica topLe Haut Rica topLe Haut Rica topLe Haut Rica top
Sale price850 €
Le haut Sierra TopLe haut Sierra TopLe haut Sierra TopLe haut Sierra Top
Sale price320 €
Le débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain Top
Le débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain TopLe débardeur Gros Grain Top
Le bandeau PraluLe bandeau PraluLe bandeau PraluLe bandeau Pralu
Sale price160 €

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The Jacquemus top is a key piece in the wardrobe of any contemporary fashion lover. With its sensual, distinctive, and avant-garde style, the tops from the renowned French house have become a symbol of freshness and elegance. Each Jacquemus top represents the brand's confident vintage-modern style, designed with a romantic flair to make a statement in our wardrobes.

The style of the Jacquemus top is truly unique. Its designs capture the essence of modern romance and femininity, combined with the brand's unique sensibility and geometric details. From off-shoulder tops and plunging necklines to asymmetrical cuts and eye-catching prints, Simon knows how to create pieces that grab attention and reflect individuality by embracing the woman's body.


The Jacquemus top at OTTODISANPIETRO women's clothing brand

Simon Jacquemus, the visionary founder and creative director of the brand, has left his mark on every piece bearing his name. His vibrant and sensitive personality that captivated an entire industry, along with his lifelong love for fashion, is reflected in every detail of his collections. The house's tops are a testament to his artistic vision and his passion for highlighting the individual beauty of each woman.

The Jacquemus woman is confident, free-spirited, and romantic, with an inherent sense of style. The tops are designed to empower women, enhancing their silhouette and highlighting their individuality. With exclusive high-quality fabrics and impeccable cuts, these tops adapt to different body types, elegantly and sophisticatedly enhancing their shapes.

In addition to their distinctive style, Jacquemus tops are also highly regarded for their exceptional quality. Each piece is crafted with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous manufacturing standards in Europe. Meticulous details and seams ensure that each top is durable and resilient.

Jacquemus tops are an expression of style and personality. With their recognizable design and meticulous attention to detail, they represent Simon Jacquemus' artistic vision and his love for fashion. These tops redefine modern femininity, enhancing the current femininity and highlighting individuality.