If the South of France, an endless summer feeling and a sprinkle of 90s sensibility could be bottled, you’d have the soul of Jacquemus clothing. The single most popular designer of the 2010 decade, Simon Porte Jacquemus transformed an idyllic childhood into a global fashion phenomenon. More than that, the label is a philosophy, the feeling of sitting still to smell the flowers, feel the wind in your face and rejoice in the tranquillity of life away from hustle. 

Cutout pieces, body hugging dresses, nature’s most vibrant colour schemes and a modern touch on romanticism are always to be found in any piece from Jacquemus. The brand explores our own interest in balancing modern creativity with designs that are wearable, good quality and comfortable. 

What you will find from the Jacquemus brand at Ottodisanpietro woman

Plays on colours, shapes and classics always in the spirit of the Jacquemus woman. From accessories and simple pieces to the most unmistakable Jacquemus dresses and prints, our collections of the house include the season’s most coveted pieces and trends combined with the quintessential core of what the brand stands for. 

What began as making skirts for her mother and grandmother, grew with that same emotional strength to become one of the most significant brands not only in terms of cultural relevance, but also in terms of business. The label is Simon’s life project, and it remains astonishingly powerful despite not being a part of a large corporate conglomerate. Jacquemus clothing is an ode to those independent spirits who believe in the beauty of their dreams, assimilating both the romantic and the soft with a statement of what it means to stay relevant in the 21st century. 

Find in our stores, both online and physical, the essence of what makes this label so recognizable. Our dresses sections usually include the latest reinterpretation of one of the label’s most recognizable pieces. Most of his pieces have a proper name, in line with the theme and inspirations around the collection. The shows themselves have become biyearly cultural moments that stop the fashion world in their tracks. With breathtaking sceneries and gorgeous collections, the brand is well set for success and ready to find its way into our closet. 

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