Jacquemus hats


The Jacquemus hat is synonymous with summer. While it can be seen and worn throughout the year, the marketing and aesthetic focus of the brand usually places these bestsellers in the spring and summer. The Jacquemus hat has two key elements that appeal to customers: sophisticated colors and a metallic logo. Whether in gold, silver, or other colors they choose to explore, the unmistakable uppercase Jacquemus logo is a quick way to identify those of us who follow fashion.

Seasons and nature are concepts deeply rooted in Jacquemus' collections. As expressions of the idyllic nature of his childhood, the colors and staging of Jacquemus' fashion shows constantly display an array of sensations. Jacquemus is a brand that envelops us in moments of calm and effortless sophistication with its runway displays.


Just like their socks and many other brand accessories, Jacquemus hats are unisex items that can be enjoyed by all our customers. The choice depends on preferences for colors, shapes, and love for the French brand. In essence, the brand's classic bucket hats are highly successful models known for their fabrics and quality.

The first references to the current bucket hats can be traced back to the British military uniform of the 20th century. They were created as versatile garments to protect soldiers from the sun and rain. Their name "bucket" comes from the resemblance of their original design to a bucket. Over time, this type of hat became popular among fishermen and other outdoor workers. However, it is now commonly referred to as a "fisherman hat," including the Jacquemus hat.

The pop culture of the 80s and 90s popularized this style of hat, becoming ubiquitous among music stars. Their popularity resurged in the 2010s, and they have become essential elements of any modern wardrobe. Their relaxed aesthetic contrasts with sophisticated colors and designs, serving as a casual touch to any outfit we want to create.

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