Jacquemus Women's trousers


Jacquemus is a globally renowned French fashion brand known for its romanticism, sensuality, and unique style. Jacquemus trousers showcase the savoir-faire of the brand and the sophistication that characterizes it as a French fashion house. Their romantic aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail, and high-quality materials make Jacquemus trousers a perfect choice for OTTODISANPIETRO customers.

The aesthetic and quality of Jacquemus trousers are what make them so popular. Each pair is crafted to the highest standards of the fashion industry, using exclusive fabrics and artisanal manufacturing techniques in Europe. Simon P. Jacquemus, the brand's founder and creative director, has ensured the success of this venture. In their workshops, every stitch is perfectly executed, and the details are impeccable.


Jacquemus trousers at OTTODISANPIETRO for women

Simon Jacquemus has earned admiration from the fashion world for his focus on a nostalgic aesthetic, modern and confident women with an air of mystery. His collections celebrate femininity in all its possible forms. Designed to enhance the female figure and provide quality, these trousers adapt to different body types and individual styles. From timeless pieces to those signature items representing the brand's own image.

In Jacquemus' trajectory, creativity and originality stand out. Each collection tells a unique story, inspired by the idyllic life of the brand's universe and natural elements. European and exotic settings of all kinds take center stage in their collections, with fashion shows that are a sensory experience. The brand's clothing reflects its artistic vision, with avant-garde cuts and unique details that add a romantic touch to each garment. The brand seeks to break barriers and inspire beyond the conventions of fashion, which is evident in the design of their pieces.

A pair of Jacquemus pants symbolises quality, sophistication, and style. The brand focuses on offering garments that endure over time, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and exclusive materials. By highlighting the beauty of contemporary women and thanks to Jacquemus' unique artistic romanticism, these trousers become a standout piece for any wardrobe.
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