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Burberry men shirts

Logo-embroidered shirtLogo-embroidered shirt
Sale price660 €
Sherfield shirtSherfield shirtSherfield shirtSherfield shirt
Sale price520 €

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Burberry’s popularity is well earned. Modern designs, quality products, iconic campaigns… The British powerhouse sure knows how to function. Among their proposals, Burberry shirts stand out as a perfect choice for really many different styles. From their classic Vintage Check to more simple, plain models; Burberry shirts are a menswear staple.

Burberry: more than just trench coats

The inarguably most popular item by Burberry are their trench coats, and they are what actually gave the brand its starting point. However, shirts by Burberry are surely giving trench coats a run for their money.

The multiplicity of designs and constant incoming stream of new looks give the Burberry shirts a continuous sense of freshness. We at Ottodisanpietro include a competitive range of Burberry shirts, providing you with the latest choices according to our tasteful curation.

What is important in a good men’s shirt?

In the long term, investing in quality is crucial for all men. Particularly for businessmen and other executives, good shirts that will stand the test of time and usage will prove worth the investment. Apart from many more showy, vibrant models to wear with jeans or summer shorts, Burberry shirts also come in the form of plain dress shirts to wear under a suit or in other formal, dressed up outfits.

Features of a Burberry shirt

Firm lapels, patch pockets, colorful patterns, relaxed fits, and even modern elements like ribbed cuffs or necklines. All these are a part of Burberry shirts, a present day revision of a historical menswear staple.

Ricardo Tisci’s Burberry is reimagining the entire brand imagery, and classic prints, patterns and motifs are coming back to the front of the house and becoming recognizable symbols of the Burberberry clothes. Tisci’s gothic, youthful style is a great fit for the house of Burberry, and it brings the clothes to a wider age range of customers, thus expanding the label’s reach.