If there is one thing Canali is known for, other than its suits, it’s their Canali shirts. There are few in this world who do shirts like Canali does.

Every man needs a good shirt at more than one point in his life. In the long run, it is worth it to have one or two options of great quality. Canali shirts are not only among the most legendary quality shirts, but they also fall within some of the most reasonable price range.

The ultimate men’s Canali shirt

Canali shirts fall under the umbrella of men’s formal clothes. Their fit, their lapels, their colors… Every single element of the Canali shirts makes them the staple that they are. Many of the ones we choose at Ottodisanpietro are dress shirts, meaning their purpose is to be worn under a full suit or at least in more formal contexts.

Canali was the first Italian fashion house to introduce mechanized cutting in their production, putting them at the front of sartorial clothing. The Canali shirt is a perfect representation of what the ideal men’s shirt is: simple, versatile and with longevity. The staying power of the Canali shirts makes them the ultimate men’s shirt for their durability and a simplicity that allows for repeated use.

The perfect 10 men’s shirt

Canali shirts are a perfect 10. The clean lines and sophistication of their shirts makes them a favorite among our clients, and their reasonable price range means they’re accessible to a larger amount of the population.

If you’re looking for the perfect dress shirt, Canali is the brand to look for. Along with our made-to-measure service together with the brand, we will make sure all your formal occasions are no reason to worry, for we have the perfect items to fit you exclusively. 


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