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Article: Back to the office fashion: redefining the new uniform

Back to the office fashion: redefining the new uniform


September is approaching. Traditionally, it is back to school. Back to work. Almost the real start of the year, which in our calendars is marked with double years (2023/2024). In our industry, it's also the beginning of a new cycle. September is the month of fashion, the month when the cycle of clothing restarts, the month of catwalks and fashion weeks, the month of the most important magazine issues of the year (not in vain, there's a documentary titled "The September Issue" about this edition of American Vogue).

As if it were a grand international catwalk, returning to the office is a good moment to showcase our sensitivity to fashion. Clothing, fashion in general, is not a display of opulence or trends. At OTTODISANPIETRO, high fashion is a form of appreciating art and one's sensibility. Those of us who admire the eighth art understand each other; we have a special sensitivity that turns a cardigan or a coat into a tale of mystery, dreams, and craftsmanship.

So, let's talk about the new uniform, or ways in which we can express our personal style in the setting of our workplace (even if it's from home).

The key to the office uniform: the women's suit

The women's suit is one of the defining pieces of the gender revolution. Both trouser suits and adaptations of masculine silhouettes to a pencil skirt, the suit or uniform is undergoing a series of modifications due to the advancement of history.

The rise of streetwear and its overlap with the more understated and timeless style that's returning has allowed for the exploration of numerous new volumes in the wardrobe of elegant women's clothing. Considering the element of sophistication and maintaining comfort for long working hours, luxury brands have already laid the foundation for their own daily uniforms.

Brands like Prada women's clothing have this concept of reinterpreted and adapted uniform in their DNA. Both for men and women, Miuccia Prada has taken her proposals of the new retro-chic ensemble seriously, resulting in exquisite women's suits. Originally, it was Yves Saint Laurent who, in the 60s, launched his line "Le Smoking," the first suit designed to match women with the masculine uniform. Today, Saint Laurent's jackets and complete sets continue to maintain that exclusive and mysterious air that characterises them.

Brands like TOTEME clothing were born with the concept of creating a timeless new uniform for women – clothing that serves for a multitude of occasions and is easily combinable. Beyond our women's suit, a good coat with the oversized and extraordinary silhouettes of today, like The Row coats or Max Mara coats, adds a touch of seasoning and sophistication to our ensemble for work.

There's only one firm rule today: that comfort and personality prevail over other reasons in our elegant outfits.

Key accessories: office shoes and office bag

Among the multitude of current women's footwear options, it's clear that a set of silhouettes and models are more sophisticated than others. If we opt for a more conventional suit, the presence of women's sneakers may not always be the best choice. In the case of CELINE clothing, which has recently popularised the concept of a suit jacket combined with women's denim jeans, these outfits do allow for the presence of sneakers like Prada, Gucci, or Saint Laurent in the true Silicon Valley style.

Nevertheless, and straying from the demanding high heel for the office, footwear like kitten heels or low heels can be our best ally in maintaining an air of formality and elegance over our women's suit. As many great shoe designers, such as Jimmy Choo or Aquazzura, have stated, high-heeled shoes are an empowering tool for the modern woman. Designer women's loafers, another elegant piece of feminine footwear, are also an ideal option to consider. Explore our selection of women's designer shoes to find the pair that suits you best.

Regarding bags, striking a balance between comfort and space is important. Bags like The Row's Margaux bag, or other great models like Bottega Veneta bags or large Saint Laurent bags, allow us to carry all our office essentials in a luxurious and elegant yet practical manner. Brands like Maison Margiela and Saint Laurent have also ventured into exploring pouches and cases for iPads and other gadgets that we need to carry in our day-to-day work.

Bonus tip: Hair accessories like Miu Miu and Gucci hair clips, understated and sober jewellery like Jil Sander jewellery pieces, can be the icing on the cake that accompanies us in our routine.

Discover our collections of elegant clothing at OTTODISANPIETRO and in our stores in A Coruña.

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