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We're celebrating the men in our lives with an appropriately themed collection. In it, you will find the perfect details and gifts for a day dedicated to all paternal figures in our life, even if you read us from another country, there is no need for excuses to entertain the men in our lives. The best menswear labels boast their creativity in essential pieces for the modern man. Nowadays, it is easy to satisfy a classic taste with dexterity and innovation. Let us walk you through which pieces by which brands we’re highlighting in this collection of Father’s Day gifts.


Classic and infallible. The historical rooting of both labels allows them to expand with exquisite quality and innovation in their collections. Gucci, now in its last collection signed by Alessandro Michele available, stays linked to the more exquisite Italian menswear. Its logo and name, just as Prada men’s, makes them a favourite among many elegant gentlemen. The quality of their silks, highlighted in this collection in the form of ties, provides optimal softness and elegance on par with daring motifs for the modern man. New launches of men’s Gucci bags and shawls are also included. 

Prada continues to explore the limits of the future in the present. Their pieces are paradoxical, marrying timeless elegance with vanguardist technologies and cinematic presentations. Within the sophistication of their most classic items, the duo by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons always finds the way to reinterpret and reconstruct the formal into something new. In case of doubt, their ideal robot charms and keychains are a stellar touch over any sober outfit.


Luxury footwear, made in Italy. With this description, it’s not hard to imagine why both these labels are leading the present of luxury shoes in the world. Golden Goose sneakers are a celebration of young Venetian culture, elevanting vintage aesthetics to new spheres. Their imagery and their shoes treated by hand to achieve the worn-out effect, both emulate the luxury and history of a trip to Venice (where the brand is based). 

TOD’s, having completely changed the way for formal footwear (with their Gomminos), are the preferred elegant shoe for many modern men. Their footwear is handmade in Italy by artisans. Showcased over a classic ETRO shawl above, TOD’S shoes adorn the feet of some of the most elegant men in the world.



Mastery over leather craftsmanship and constant innovation. This equilibrium between sophisticated and joyful keeps Loewe as a favourite of many generations. The Spanish house boasts its optimization of new materials and their reinvention of some classic ones. Amog bags and compact, contemporary accessories, there stand out the Flow Runner sneakers. Since 2021, Loewe Flow Runner sneakers have become a global streetstyle sensation. Their play between the sporty and the classic, and a design in the purest Jonathan Anderson way, make them stand out amongst other pieces. Their capacity to adapt to daily wear, and be useful at the same time for sport, makes them unique. The Flow Runner sneakers are a sports’ shoe with a more formal aesthetic and finish. 



The pure nocturnal, musical mystery of Saint Laurent continues under Anthony Vaccarello. His imagery extends from a collection of essential items for the day to day, to pure seduction and playfulness at night. This dreamlike atmosphere created by Saint Laurent is palpable in its accessories such as the ones showcased in our image. They play on French style and the simplicity of darker tones. Saint Laurent sunglasses, metallic details and chains are already a facet of the brand transcending all seasons.

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