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Article: Innovation and fashion II: corporate sustainability

Innovation and fashion II: corporate sustainability


Last week we reviewed some of the new technologies applied to fashion in the textile industry. Innovation is not only a constant necessity but one of the main characteristics of fashion. Luxury and contemporary fashion companies invest resources and effort in both internal and external initiatives. From Moncler's traceability policies to Canada Goose's abandonment of natural fur, we tell you about the business progress in the fashion industry.


Moncler clothing - at the forefront of the market, from the beginning

The aesthetics of Moncler clothing, with its luxurious and highly insulated coats and jackets, is widely recognizable. From the emblem on the left sleeve to its original quality, the brand that originally supplied the most adventurous and mountaineers in France has become a symbol of appreciation for fashion and well-made garments.

In 2015, the Moncler Group implemented the DIST protocol for ethical regulation and quality control of its feather suppliers. The protocol, whose acronym stands for 'Down Integrity System and Traceability,' emerged from a stakeholder group meeting the previous year. In the words of the Group itself, this system of controlling its raw materials "regulates animal welfare from an innovative perspective [...]. In addition to complying with the guidelines of the European Commission, animal welfare is measured through Animal-Based Measures [...]." These observe that all living beings involved present optimal aspects of health, from their physiology to their behaviour, from which irregularities could be deduced in case of non-compliance.

More recently, the protocol is also being expanded to the suppliers' working environment and company health. In itself, these types of systems reward good work and those companies that strive for corporate justice. Moncler and its group remain at the forefront of international fashion. Find their collections here.


Canada Goose - a new wave in fashion

The end of the 2010s saw an unprecedented turn away from exotic furs in fashion. Prada, Versace, Burberry, and Saint Laurent, among other brands, declared the end of the use of these materials, setting a new precedent in fashion. And added to this new movement was Canada Goose's move, known in the past for using fur in its jackets.

Canada Goose coats have been an international reference for their exclusive level of insulation and meticulous production. Up to 13 pairs of hands go through each piece of Canada Goose, checking every seam, zipper, and detail to ensure the most thorough quality. At the end of 2022, the company completely abandoned the use of exotic furs in its coats, giving way to the new world of synthetic fibers. The brand's president, Daniel Reiss, settled the debate about the company's future in 2021 by announcing this as one of the paths to becoming a sustainable company and aligned with the times.

Discover Canada Goose pieces here.

Isabel Marant - ethical commitment

Not following trends allows companies to maintain consistency both in terms of production and ethics. And in the case of Isabel Marant, not only are trends not followed, but they are created. The Isabel Marant style is known for its fresh, liberating, and timeless contribution to the fashion industry. You can always count on pieces that combine with each other and are true to the spirit of Marant. Their company policy is no different.

In their Code of Ethics, Isabel Marant as a company sends a message of sustainability at all levels. It's easy to focus on environmental sustainability, so important today. However, this trend is often empty and (ironically) unsustainable if not done holistically and internally. With this set of principles, the French company seeks to establish its principles of ethical conduct and production not only at the product level but also in its work environment and in the health of the companies they work with. Their four most important points, which can be read here, respond to compliance with laws and regulations, moral integrity, respect for human rights, and respect for the environment.

Companies like Marant, whose garments do not leave the factory without first being tested under rigorous quality standards, become references on a large scale in the panorama of the new society. In addition to creating durable and quality pieces for the modern woman. Isabel Marant is also working to establish a sustainable world for its clients.


The fashion in our industry is not just a standard of quality and exclusivity. The logos and brands we know have a history and dedicate their resources to stay ahead not only in fashion but in the human social fabric. Every step taken forward by these companies and their influence sets a new precedent for other companies, on a greater or lesser scale. You can find some of the most innovative brands in the world on our website and in our physical stores in A Coruña. Our staff will be happy to inform you about the policies of the major companies we work with, always betting on the future beyond trends.

We look forward to seeing you!

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