International Day of Women and Girls in Science

 Lily Donaldson in 'Everyday Perfection' for Vogue Italia by Emma Summerton


This Friday's like no other.

Today, February 11th, we commemorate the Day of Women in Science. The United Nations General Assembly declared this day in 2015, aiming to push for the inclusion and participation of women and girls in science. On top of that, today also marks the beginning of New York Fashion Week.

It is a paradoxical coincidence: the fashion industry is the global industry with the largest female representation. However, it is calculated that less than 30% of all researchers and scientists are women. It is vital that we encourage the participation of women and young girls in scientific endeavors.

So let's not forget to celebrate our great (and small) female scientists and researchers today as they gain representation in their respective fields. They are the future of humanity, and the future of the Planet.