Jacquemus menswear at Ottodisanpietro



The arrival of Jacquemus menswear at Ottodisanpietro is a reason to celebrate. The French fashion design sensation has now landed in our men's store with a broad selection of items that are quickly flying off the shelves. As one of the very first retailers nationwide to include his collection in our stores since 'La Bomba' in 2018, we have continued to cultivate a solid relationship with one of the brands definind 21st century fashion.  Both in store and online, we present to you a curated collection of essentials both timeless and trendy. First to arrive in our selection are the Merria coat, a gorgeous 3/4 coat in the warmest black wool; the essential Brodé hoodie in a dark olive color with an embroidered logo; the pink Bricciola shirt and the Duci polo shirt. These are really the modern men essentials by Jacquemus. As autumn arrives, the warmth and high quality of these pieces will make you stay, after the gorgeous look and design of the items reels you in.

Next, we have pieces that are both ideal for loungewear but also make a solid styling choice for going out on these days of breezy weather. The zip Meunier knit jackets are just a gem of an essential piece. One in brown and one in black, both essential colors for the fall wardrobe, the Jacquemus Meunier knit jackets with a frontal zip are easily styled in an elegant way for more classic tastes by choosing a size that fits you straight. For the more daring, contemporary shoppers, a larger size will create a more loose, modern shape that can break the seriousness of any classic look.

Last, but not least, the Raye polo shirt in a pristine white hue and the navy blue high neck sweater with the most delightful logoed ribbon in white are added to a mix of essentials that are what matters most to us: timeless, long-lasting and multifunctional. Not to miss, despite our changing season here in the Northern Hemisphere, is the greatness of the Gros Gras Jacquemus swim shorts in the latest shade of pink used by the brand's latest collection.

For our female customer and avid followers of the French phenomenon that is Jacquemus, our Jacquemus fashion section for women has done all but grow. New arrivals like the gorgeous Saudade Dress in hot pink and plenty new accessories like the coziest Neve beanies, and bags like the new Le Baneto in a light shade of beaming pink are now available all in our store and online. Be fast, because the Jacquemus phenomenon continues and sells in minutes!