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In another instalment of our fashion deep dives, we needed to craft a special space to welcome La DoubleJ clothing. La DoubleJ is a brand that celebrates the Italian way of life, inspired by vintage treasures and feel-good fashion. Their bold geometric prints, almost resembling the tiles of a gorgeous Mediterranean seaside palace, and their much celebrated La DoubleJ dinnerware and homeware have made them a new favourite for those with a knack for colourful clothing and luxury homeware.

But there’s more to any DoubleJ dress than meets the eye.  

The Story of La DoubleJ Clothing

La DoubleJ was born in 2015 from the creative vision of founder Jennifer Jane Martin (or J.J. Martin, hence the double J). The creative’s passion for vintage dresses and prints prompted her to found what began as a magazine to sell her line of vintage items and highlight the profiles of Milan-based female creatives.

With her feminist sisterhood spirit and love for feel-good aesthetics, the brand’s real transformation came in 2017. From dressed to homeware, the colours splashed into La DoubleJ clothing are chakra-consciously placed. Meaning, a part of an entire holistic approach to fashion, their colours are meant to not just boost your style, but also align and balance the wearer’s energy. 

What Is Behind a La DoubleJ Dress? 

Inspired by her love for all things vintage, J.J. Martin embarked on a very special quest to recuperate forgotten prints from the archives of Mantero Seta (‘’Silk’’), a historic silk manufacturer founded in 1902 in Lake Como, Italy. For now 122 years, this silk house has been a number one reference point in global silk artisanship, working for some of the biggest brands in fashion’s history. 

Behind every DoubleJ dress stands a, as they call it, piano (or slower) production pace. With prints done by hand by exquisite artisans on the shores of the Lake Como, the DoubleJ dress comes as an example of slower luxury meant to preserve the resources of Italy.

‘’Working with artisans in our back yard affords us a shorter supply chain and significantly lower carbon footprint, and while delivering products in small batches means our process is a little more “piano”, it means that we can do our part to maintain the natural abundance of our beloved Mamma Italia. So you can feel as good about your DoubleJ purchase as you look good in it.’’

Raising vibrations

At the heart of La DoubleJ lies a commitment to fostering community. Via The Sisterhood, the brand has founded a safe space designed to bring together women at different stages of their lives. This space is one to express oneself and listen to the stories of others, practice meditation and overall share lessons and the joys of life. 

The brand's philosophy is rooted in the belief that fashion should go back to being fun, playful, and expressive. As mentioned above, sustainability (both social and environmental) are at the core of the brand's philosophy. La DoubleJ prioritises ethical production practices, opting for small-batch manufacturing and sourcing materials responsibly. 

Along these lines, the brand will dedicate its spaces and resources to collaborating with women’s initiatives, such as protecting women at risk of social exclusion via different organisations. 

La DoubleJ Dinnerware and Clothing: The Soul of J.J. Martin

Founder J.J. Martin landed in Milan in 2001 from Los Angeles as a contributing journalist for magazines such as Wallpaper, Harper’s Bazaar and the WSJ Magazine. Her immediate love and appreciation for Italian life and arts manifested into her very own line, first starting as just a community to connect and empower female creatives.

As an expression of her own feel-fab, happier-than-life philosophy stand her famous flowy maxi dresses in Mantero silk, adorned with vibrant florals and symmetrical patterns to done in chakra-conscious colours. La DoubleJ offers quite the kaleidoscope of colours for their audience, looking for everyone to feel divine in their looks. 

You can discover La DoubleJ clothing here. 

La DoubleJ Dinnerware has become a cult phenomenon of its own, adorning the houses of those in love with their bold patterns and their most famous piece to date. Their DoubleJ Murano glasses, which are hand-blown individually by Venetian artisans. 

Come discover La DoubleJ Dinnerware and Homeware here.

This brand’s fresh approach to maximalism and positive vibes, rooted in a profound love for Italian women’s fashion is a perfect example of how passion and authenticity can take you far in life. As far as La DoubleJ clothing is reaching worldwide.

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