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Article: Men's fashion in Ottodisanpietro

Men's fashion in Ottodisanpietro

Canali campaign  


For over fifteen years, Ottodisanpietro has been at the national forefront of men's designer fashion, showcasing on its stores the latest collections and masculine fashion novelties on an international level, all in regard to clothing, men’s accessories an also regarding men’s footwear. The increasing demand of men’s designer bags has also been answered, with proposals that are updated regularly from the best men brands.

Today we take a tour through our brands for men, many of them household names and many others more contemporary.

While trends are important, at Ottodisanpietro we are also committed to offering timeless key pieces of menswear, which allows us a wide range of options in terms of what our customers' needs are.

Prada campaign


Inside the world of men’s more formal clothing, you can find at our stores suits by firms such as Canali, Prada, Etro, Gucci or Jil Sander.Through Canali, we offer the ‘made to order’ service, by means of which the customer can choose a suit try one on in the store and choose the desired fabric from a wide range of options that we offer.

In a couple of months, we will also provide the ‘made to measure’ service, through which we will be able to adapt the men’s suit to the specific measurements of the client.

Etro campaign

Many more technical menswear fashion brands have their origins in sports, conceived as specialized projects in a sporting activity that end up adapting their collections to the everyday life. Clear examples are Moncler and Stone Island.Others begin their story manufacturing for other luxury brands and end up creating their own brand with the acquired know-how, as is the case of Herno, the puffer jackets and outerwear brand that continuously prides itself on their lightness and comfort.

In our stores you will also find more urban brands for men that make casual menswear into an ode to luxury through impeccable patterns and exceptional fabrics such as Gucci, Loewe, Saint Laurent, Prada, Maison Margiela, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Burberry, Etro or OAMC.

Givenchy, where Matthew Williams has recently made his debut as Creative Director is yet another one of the most popular proposals for men’s fashion. We recommend you come to visit his pieces, as for the brand they represent an important turn in a new direction.

Givenchy campaign


This season OAMC has incorporated the Re/Work collection into its offering with garments created from recycled military fabrics. This is their way of contributing to the necessary scream of sustainability cried by the whole industry. Maison Margiela is a novelty in our stores. John Galliano and his deconstructed classics bring a new exploration of essential menswear, and his men’s knitwear pieces such as jumpers and cardigans bring that endless comfort with the highest quality.

Gucci's jumpers and sweatshirts brighten up the store with their bright colors and prints. Saint Laurent is the ideal seductive proposal for the night, Jil Sander is the most conceptual brand with its reinvention of modernity through the minimalism of its DNA.

Loewe is one of our most successful brands due to its current and innovative designs. Burberry stands out for its famous trench-coats and polo shirts. From Etro we know that you love its colours, its men's shirts and its men's swimwear are always a hit. And, Prada is one of the brands that represents us the most, its pants have many followers because of their precise cuts and silhouettes.

Canali does not only offer formal wear, at Ottodisanpietro we also offer its sportier side for the clients that opt for something more neutral.As for jeans, Jacob Cohen's men's jeans stand out, their pieces are the most requested due to their chemical-free fabrics that are so comfortable on the skin. Golden Goose brings designs aimed at a younger audience, with one of its iconic leather jackets, their  jeans and their t-shirts.

And next season we will incorporate into our list of menswear brands, exclusively within Spain, Bianca Saunders a 29-year-old designer who presented her first collection at London Fashion Week in June 2018 and won the prestigious fashion award ANDAM, dedicated to honoring creative talent, in 2021. Her exploration of her English and Jamaican roots deserves a separate article. In the world of today's pop culture, she has already gained followers like Harry Styles himself, style icon of this decade for the most daring who wore proposals from Bianca Saunders in her latest video clip.



Streetwear clothing has been a boom in almost all menswear collections. Men's sweatshirts, with and without hoods, fleece pants and shorts, t-shirts and caps are an important part of any of the collections we distribute. Comfort elevated to luxury is key in an increasingly fast world, where the quality of the fabrics and their versatility as pieces make them essential for the 21st century.

In brands such as Givenchy, Golden Goose, Loewe, Burberry and OAMC caps are a very successful line. And obviously sportier brands such as Moncler or Stone Island have a wide variety of this type of product. For the younger audience, we have Aries, dedicated almost exclusively to streetwear with graphic tees, bold colors and fun messages.    

 Tod’s campaign



As for accessories you can find in our stores, we include ties by Gucci, Etro, Canali, Burberry... Shawls, scarves and belts are renewed every season to offer you versatility and warmth on the coldest days, or a recurring and functional adornment as in the case of the belts.

In addition, we have a wide variety of men's bags and small leather goods such as wallets, card holders, toiletry bags or branded key chains. In this section, firms such as Loewe stand out, famous for more than a hundred years for the high quality of their leather; Prada, especially with its famous nylon and Saffiano leather, both highly durable materials; Gucci with its iconic logoed canvas or Maison Margiela with the four stitches that identify its products.

We also offer a selection of the most iconic sunglasses from the collections we sell. Those of Saint Laurent or Gucci are the perfect accessories for the days of clarity that often accompany us. We opt for original and versatile designs for all kinds of tastes.

And, of course, there is no shortage of shoes and sneakers to complete the looks. We have exclusive shoe brands of great recognition such as Tod's or Church's, with a long history behind them that we will soon tell you about, in addition to the products by those brands whose pret-a-porter we distribute. The Golden Goose sneakers stand out, which have achieved great worldwide recognition with their characteristic vintage effect and their entire manufacture in the Venice region.

But we are not going to get ahead of ourselves, we have more to tell you in our next post. Until then, we will continue uploading updated content on our networks for the most curious.

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