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Up until quite recently, the men’s fashion offerings paled in comparison to women’s fashion. However, the resurgence  of men’s fashion and generational changes are slowly (but steadily) bringing masculine clothes to a new forefront. Gone are the days of repetitive silhouettes and uninspired collections. 2023 is a new year for individuality in style. With both classic and renovated options, what are some of the key look ideas in men’s fashion

It’s a denim world

Raf Simons is one of the most salient examples of the revalorization of classic Americana fashion. His work at Calvin Klein stood out for the introduction of several American fashion classics. Namely, denim fabrics and their array of diversity. Despite having a hard to pin down origin, argued by many fashion experts, there is no doubt that denim fashion is a style we often associate with great North American style. 

From Calvin Klein to Prada, Raf has brought on his appreciation for this aesthetic. This has resulted in some of the most applauded denim looks. These looks (soon available at OTTODISANPIETRO men), are just some of the many items in denim that can be combined with daily clothes for a strong denim look. Jacob Cohën is one of our most sought after labels for the quality of their denim. Their Jacob Cohën jeans, other than possessing a sartorial quality from their atelier in Italy, often come scented in their own perfume. 

To style both denim shirts and denim jeans, explore the contrast of blue with earthy tones and/or browns. Over these, touches of colour can be added with knitted beanies or a men’s bag like the Loewe Puzzle bags

Knitwear: another one of man’s best friends

It’s hard to ignore how, from the normalisation of remote work or freelancing, knitwear has risen unstoppably. All thanks to its shelter, its comfort and its capacity to be elegant and simple in equal parts. Knitwear pieces have become a whole new opportunity for the great fashion houses. 

Labels such as Extreme Cashmere have become royalty of the wool and knitwear sector, and their unisex clothes are easy to love and style. Canali, Loewe, Gucci and Etro also explore their symbols and imagery through knitted pieces. While keeping their own aesthetic lines, the great labels know how to make knitwear an element of self representation. 

A plain jumper, either high or crew-neck, is an ideal piece to combine as a layer. Plain jumpers are easy to style. In the case of vibrant tones, it’s best to focus all attention on these pieces rather than adding too much on top. Neutral tones, or blacks and whites, give protagonism to the main sweater piece in an easy combination. More vibrant designs of jumpers, like striped or logoed, are perfect as the centrepiece of our outfit. This kind of sweater can even lift our mood, giving light and attitude to an outfit. In combination with simpler pieces, vibrant jumpers or cardigans rejoice in all their colour. 

The reliable men’s coat

Long, elegant coats are indispensable pieces for all tastes and genders. A good long coat can easily perfect a look, giving it harmony and mystery. Among the most acclaimed, Burberry coats or Burberry trench coats stand solidly thanks to their timeless elegance. 

Even under the creative genius of Daniel Lee, the Burberry trench coat remains a classic, infallible piece with a proper name. The diverse models can be both unilateral or reversible, with games of neutral tones and classic hues, playing with the presence of the unmistakable Vintage Check. 

Jil Sander, Prada, OAMC and Gucci also explore the limits of the men’s coats. These pieces provide natural elegance to those wearing them. Men’s coats depend on both climate and personal style. With more classic examples in uniform tones, practically any piece will fit underneath. Saint Laurent has, amongst its fashion codes, coats worn over the shoulders over more formal wear. This air of mystery and infinite possibilities can only be found in pieces such as men’s gabardines or coats. 

The new (relaxed) elegance

In the fast pace of today’s world, there is no room for uncomfortable clothes. The great labels explore, without limits, both how to rebuild classic clothing in a more comfortable manner, and how to redefine what it means to be elegant. After nearly a decade of streetstyle ruling, fashion turns back to more classic ways of dressing up. But this isn’t without a twist. The new elegant clothes appear in renewed combinations of colours, silhouettes and accessories. From a suit with a maxi bag, to the coexistence of formal and informal clothing in one outfit, the new fashion focuses on readapting the classic to the contemporary. 

The trick to enjoy this new kind of fashion is to play with colours and proportions. A timeless, classic suit with an elegant shirt worn untucked, an oversized suit jacket or an elegant coat over relaxed clothes are the new ways men have to enjoy clothing nowadays.

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