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Most of the questions surrounding Valentine’s Day gifts could be summarised into: does the perfect Valentine’s Day gift exist? Although the coming weeks are full of emotions, dates and gifts; a gift that is mindfully chosen can make a difference. It can have meaning and a backstory to tell away from mere consumerism. Thus, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is the one given with meaning behind it. We are meaning-making creatures, thus it is to whom and how we give something that matters more than the gift itself. 

Since romantic gifts can express stories and desires, let us give you some ideas about the meaning of some Valentine’s Day gifts.   


They say olfactory memory is the most powerful one. Scents have the ability to bring us back to our happy places, places which are often people, and people who can sometimes be ourselves. Valentine’s Day is ideal to slow down, treat ourselves and give ourselves time. In our world, it’s important to realise we need our own care and attention. A perfume or cologne is an idyllic way to adorn our daily life, and even though it is hard to give perfumes to others, giving ourselves a new or our favourite scent can raise our self-esteem and become a big part of our day. 

This is the emotional power that DIPTYQUE has transformed into their own seal of identity. Each of their perfumes has a story, its own meaning. From time travel to the Edo period in Japan, to the fig trees of Greece, their DIPTYQUE Do Son project continues to be a favourite of many. Do Son transports us to a pagoda in the bay of Along, in Haiphong (Vietnam). Yves Coueslant, a founder of the company, wanted to evoke the calming breeze and dream-like sensations of those summers with his father in Southeast Asia. His project resulted in this wonder of perfumery, floral in nature with notes of tuberose, orange blossom and yasmin. Annually, the brand relaunches exclusive limited editions with unique designs of the Do Son universe. You can find the 2023 Do Son limited edition exclusively at Ottodisanpietro, for a journey to the paradises of Asia. 


Last Sunday was the Lunar New Year, the official start to the new year in China. This year, Year of the Rabbit, symbolises prosperity and growth. The cultural link of coins and gold with prosperity is ubiquitous to many cultures, and it's a big part of their celebrations. Our own lucky charms and amulets must be well shielded from the outside world, and wallets do the job of cocooning our deepest desires.


The symbols of the great fashion labels often adorn the wallets and card holders they offer. Gifting a wallet is not just gifting wishes for the person’s prosperity, but a way to protect many of that person’s most valued belongings. We often associate wallets with money, but they can also carry and protect our personal charms and amulets. A picture of a loved one, a medallion with a story to tell, lucky coins and small protective miniatures can all be enveloped by a good wallet. Artisan quality is key, adding not just aesthetics, but a rugged and protective case for our sentimental objects. 



Few objects balance a middle ground between accessory and essential as strongly as sunglasses. What to many used to be a superfluous accessory, with time and science has become a necessary item for our ocular health. The good thing about the great fashion names is that, through their access to the latest technologies and health innovation, they provide us with exclusive and sophisticated models of sunglasses that also protect our eyesight. 

From solar radiation to the impact of screens in our day to day, the world of sunglasses has grown to save us from the perils of modern life. Among our exclusive sunglass options by your favourite brands, we highlight the Blue & Beyond initiative by Kering for Saint Laurent. This range of sunglasses stands out for their active protection, reducing close to 50% of blue light absorption indoors, and adaptive lenses outdoors that reduce solar radiation up to 70%. 

If you want to give or get a pair of designer sunglasses, count on our range of the best lenses and models by the most recognizable labels. CELINE, Saint Laurent, Gucci and Bottega Veneta offer you the best in the industry, and you may find accessories to hold them such as Loewe’s.  


The cold, the winter, the need for warmth, home… The expression “warms my heart” encapsulates the effect of these positive emotions we look to evoke this season. Few pieces can inspire in us such warm feelings like the softest of designer scarves can. 

Loewe scarves, Gucci’s, Max Mara’s… Our labels know how to cohesively combine their own imagery with the tactile sensations of the softest scarves. Each season, we select scarves that give you warmth and comfort, an embrace in the best cottons and wools. 

If you decide to explore our scarves collection, both for men or for women, you may find these necessary, luxurious pieces. Each one feeds our own personality and personal style. 

After this walk down Valentine’s Day gift ideas, we hope to have inspired you to gift with meaning. Any object can have a story, and it’s in us to instil it correctly. If you can’t think of how, don’t hesitate to use these ideas we gave you. It's our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

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