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Article: The story of Isabel Marant clothing

The story of Isabel Marant clothing


We all know the Isabel Marant style, but do we know her full story? The creator of the new French, fresh, and relaxed style has maintained a consistent perspective in her collections. Her approach to fashion is all about comfort and effortless style. In Isabel Marant clothing, the pieces easily combine with each other, going from day to night in a flash. Under the motto "don't make others wear clothes that you wouldn't wear yourself," her personal style translated into a brand with an unstoppable rise.

Here, we will tell you the journey of the creative director to reach the Isabel Marant we know today.

The Beginning: From Twen to Isabel Marant

Born on April 12, 1967, in Boulogne-Billancourt, young Isabel dreamed of a career in veterinary science. Even as a child, in a country with such a (then) feminine and defined style, Isabel showed her discontent with the rules of dressing and decided to change her uniform for different clothes. At the age of 15, she asked her father for a sewing machine and began creating her own clothes. These included adapted versions of men's clothing, adorned by her Patti Smith-style haircut and love for Vivienne Westwood. Her personal style caught the attention of friends and acquaintances, who soon began ordering custom designs from the young Marant.

After meeting then Hermès designer Christophe Lemaire, they started their own brand Allée Simple. It sold so well in Paris that Marant eventually decided to pursue fashion studies. After graduating, in 1987, her path led her to design at Chloé and Yohji Yamamoto, respectively. One can observe in her current style the influence of both chapters of her life. From Chloé, the spirit of the modern and busy woman who seeks comfort and practicality within her styling (just like Marant). In her time at Yohji Yamamoto, the appreciation for quasi-conceptual clothing and the deconstruction of the female wardrobe could easily have come from Yamamoto.

However, in her constant search for freedom and authentic self-expression, Isabel decided to leave her job for other brands and launch her new venture: Twen, a knitwear brand (an essential part of the Isabel Marant brand).

Isabel Marant by Isabel Marant

Her first show with her friends as models and many acquaintances in the audience was in 1995, at Paris Fashion Week. Since then, her bohemian style with rock and roll touches has made its way all over the world with unparalleled success. Awards from Elle Style Awards, Award de la Mode, British Glamour, and Whirlpool Award; the fastest-selling collaboration with H&M, including a web crash during its launch, 13 stores in the fashion capitals of the world, the best-selling wedge sneakers of their time…

And it's no wonder the world demands styles like Isabel Marant's. At a time when classy clothing wasn't necessarily the most comfortable, Isabel paved the way for high-end fashion with a relaxed, fresh, and aspirational aesthetic. Her personality and desire to free women from aesthetic impositions have won the hearts of fashion lovers worldwide.

In OTTODISANPIETRO, her main line comes in all its forms: from footwear, Isabel Marant bags, jewellery, clothing, and all kinds of pieces from the Marant universe. Her Isabel Marant Yenky tote bags, Tyron caps, Isabel Marant Haley hats, and sweatshirts are some of the most sought-after items. Her evening wear maintains that fresh and rebellious air that characterises the creator.

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