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Seemingly, while summer still feels like yesterday, we’re right around the corner from all the weddings and celebrations starting next spring. Being the planner that you probably are, you will have begun your search or consideration of how to dress most appropriately for all these festive commitments, both as groom or as a guest to a wedding. In this article, for your own sake, we will go over the essentials of wedding attire for men. We’ll pinpoint some of our most beloved labels for the role, and by the end of it you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what you must and must not bring.

     Groom suits

    Deferring from suits for wedding guests, grooms’ suits consist of a couple more pieces than usual. For ceremonies, dress codes are to be taken into account would they be provided by the organisers. Comfort is key, since although the ceremony would be the briefest part of the big day, no one wants to spend their day adjusting or struggling with their preventable discomfort. Though smoking suits are an attractive choice, protocols disallow them for anything other than galas and other sorts of evening festivities. The figure of the groom, the best man and the witnesses must all concur on the kinds of wedding suit most suitable for the celebration, being the groom the one with the most attention to detail on his own. 

    Regarding groom suits, three piece suits are most usual and appropriate, differentiating them from the rest of the men's suits in the ceremony. These three piece suits consist of a matching suit jacket and tailored trousers, as well as a vest or gilet either matching or contrasting harmoniously against the trousers and the jacket. The colour schemes must be darker, especially on trousers and jacket, although black tonalities should be left only for night occasions. The stroller suit wedding is the most commonly found, consisting of shorter cut jackets than smoking or chaqué suits, and which’s lapels and flaps are cut in angular cuts. This cut for suits is most habitual in our own stores, for its mass success and infallible elegance. Options for men’s wedding suits like Canali suits and Prada suits are always on our shelves. 

    The suit must always be worn over a plain men’s white shirt in poplin, with the classic italian stiff neck and double cuffing for cufflinks. In this case, Canali is again one of the most suitable and popular labels. Men’s wedding shoes are expected to always be loafers or monk shoes, either buckled or lace-up shoes. Lace-up options are the most usual find for weddings. Church’s shoes offer broad collections of these, making them most popular. The tip of these shoes must always be elongated, ending either in an angled or a flat tip. Always avoid rounded toe shoes for such occasions. Socks must be dark, fine and fresh. And of course, always high so that they do not cut the line of the trousers. 

    Over this set base, ties, kerchiefs and bowties should be added to further adorn and highlight the groom’s presence, elevating the look. Our Canali ties, as well as Gucci’s and Etro’s are most coveted. Here, choices are very personal, thus why we focus on bringing ties in all shapes and cuts, designs, patterns and widths. Cufflinks are another special detail that boasts elegance and attention to detail. 

    The same brands offer kerchiefs in the finest silks, with reduced sizes to avoid bulging in the pockets of the suits. Bowties are most unusual in Spanish weddings, but are an easy accessory for those who are not keen on men’s ties. 

    Men’s suits for wedding guests

    How to dress as a guest for a wedding is something that usually dawns on all of     us around this time of the year. Both guests and grooms share three of the essential pieces of the suit, these being the tailored suit trousers, the elegant suit jackets and the shirts. The types of men’s trousers can vary, but tailored trousers or suit trousers are most coherent. Among plain and patterned options, mute versions are preferred, in dark colours such as navy blue. A normal suit and tie option is most advised, with the classic white shirt underneath. 

    Even given that, wedding guests enjoy a less strict dress code than others at the wedding, although it is always best to arrive at consensus with the groom to unify colours and shapes at the wedding. The suits for wedding guest are a simplified version of the groom’s, allowing for more colour combinations in general. Although tones of grey, magentas, dark greens and blues and browns can be found, they may signify visual discordance from the rest of the men. A previous consensus can help all men at the wedding to unify the overall aesthetic of the ceremony. 

    Clothing options for weddings and men’s suits in our stores

   Elegant, sophisticated clothes for ceremonies are a big sample in our retail spaces. Knowing the importance of dressing well for these occasions, our buying team demonstrates great skill when bringing in the most coveted pieces for wedding season. It is not unusual to see pictures of our suits’ presence in weddings through our social media, filling us with pride of being able to participate in such a day. 

   Both grooms and guests may find wide arrays of options for their wedding suits, always thought of for all tastes. At Ottodisanpietro we have wedding favorites such as Church’s footwear and Gucci socks, all the way through Prada and Canali suits, shirts by Loewe and Givenchy, Canali, Prada… Accessories and adorns may also be found here, from Canali ties and Gucci ties to Saint Laurent bow ties, Gucci shawls, and many of the options you may want to consider for your upcoming wedding.

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