Men shoes with lace 

Among men’s lace shows there’s several types depending on how the front lace is designed to be. 

Men Oxford shoes are named after the renowned institution, where they first appeared over two centuries ago. They closed lace in the front of the long are their defining characteristic. The frontal part of these shoes is sewn under the arch for a slimme, more minimalist, feet-hugging silhouette. It is a formal type of shoe, perfect for business and special occasions. We encourage styling them with suits that are straight-fit, to elongate the appearance of the legs. Prada brought this silhouette to his latest collections. The Consul model is the most popular one from Church’s, as it is said Winston Churchill would tirelessly wear them for each and every meeting and defining event. He never missed an occasion with these shoes on, as he claimed they brought him luck. 

Men suede lace shoes Derby were born in 1850 as a more sporty shoe, thought of as an outdoor style. Unlike the Oxford shoes for men, their lace is open above the arch, allowing for a more comfortable fit and making them perfect for those with high arches (like ballet dancers). They are the perfect everyday shoe, bridging the gap between formal and informal. 

Men laced shoes are the essential accessory for any well-dressed gentleman. Nowadays, they’re extremely easy to style with any kind of formal or informal outfit, from suits to jeans and a T-Shirt. 


 Derby shoes for men
Oxford shoes for men
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