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Article: A Space of Love for the Extraordinary

A Space of Love for the Extraordinary

It's the season of reminiscence, and OTTODISANPIETRO has just turned 40. Over these four decades, we've been able to grow thanks to the presence and refined taste of our customers. Sometimes, online shopping can make one forget about the entire team behind the project. That's why we want to emphasise that, in our case, our community has been an indispensable key to our expansion.

From the beginning, amid structural changes and new stores, what has never changed is our desire to stand out alongside our community. Being close to our customers has been crucial since we opened in 1986. This relationship is guided by a lifestyle: the love for art and fashion. Their coexistence fills our spaces, blurring the lines between what is art and clothing.

A true love of art

The distinction between fashion and art is becoming increasingly blurred. As the arts become a more intrinsic part of our lives, they intertwine with clothing as an extension of our sensibilities.

Courtesy of Afundación (A Coruña)

This November 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with the Afundación Novacaixagalicia, "Ron Galella: Paparazzo Extraordinaire." The selection of photographs took place between our stores and the Afundación space in A Coruña, culminating in an entire salon of dresses donated by major fashion houses. As the first paparazzo of the 20th century, among portraits of Marilyn, Marlon Brando, and Jackie Kennedy; major brands like Lanvin, Prada, and Balenciaga contributed pieces worn by contemporary stars like Liv Tyler or Penélope Cruz. All of this arrangement contributed to the brilliant atmosphere of the big screen that would host us for a season.

Courtesy of Afundación (A Coruña)

In February, the "Windows to the Gallery" exhibition celebrated another 10 years. In a matter of days, our founder Élida Nogueira turned a rainy month into a contemporary art exhibition. Our 17 shop windows became a space for the coexistence of contemporary art pieces with garments from the boutique, and others donated by major brands.

The exhibition opened on February 22nd. Customers and passersby enjoyed pieces from local galleries such as Galería Atlántica, Isadora Art Deco, Galería Buxo, and Galería Xerión. Other contributions came from the artist and friend of the house, Felipe Criado.

Our Store Manager, Chus, placing an ultra-limited edition

Balenciaga gown for the exhibit

(from La Voz de Galicia, 2013)


Final window

The shop windows became a space for pieces from Cristóbal Balenciaga, Phoebe Philo, Alber Elbaz, or Frida Giannini. The opening night was complemented by a fantastic catering from Árbore da Veira. With words from Élida Nogueira, the spirit of the initiative was also presented:

"Combine efforts, surprise and excite to be believable."

- Élida Nogueira



Exclusive selections of products

In line with our philosophy of discreet elegance, combining timelessness with each season's standout trends, OTTODISANPIETRO enjoys a consistency accentuated by limited collections.

The entire goal of our spaces is to bring the treasures of the industry closer to a community of fashion lovers. As we heard from a customer on one occasion, we are 'treasure collectors.' In our spaces, the tradition and legendary craftsmanship of major brands coexist with the excitement of young houses.

Our pieces tell stories of dedication, overcoming challenges, family legacies, and meticulous attention to detail. Among classic pieces and models central to the imagery of each major brand (and increasingly hard to find), our trained eye and the enthusiasm of our customers help us locate the most sought-after items each season.

Personalised attention

Not only our men's tailoring is made-to-measure. As a luxury space, the personalised and efficient attention of our staff is key to standing out. In an increasingly fast-paced and saturated world, our staff creates a welcoming and formal atmosphere. A refuge where lovers of good fashion and art can come face to face with their future wardrobe treasures.

Among our by-appointment services, we offer a wardrobe service where customers can request complete looks for various occasions that will be showcased in a VIP space. Our guidance goes beyond, examining the relationship of these outfits with the client's wardrobe and offering ample opportunities for their combination. Our highly trained staff is equipped to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

With all this, OTTODISANPIETRO has been a meeting place for fashion and the extraordinary for 40 years. A space to develop creativity and style in a personalised and welcoming way. Our community of clients is a key piece of our growth, so we can add gratitude to our list of pillars.


Soon, we'll have more news to share. But before that, have you finished all your Christmas shopping? Check out this blog and book your appointment to see everything in person now!

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